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Creating a Cover Letter and Resume


BHQ-Angler-ResumeThe first step in taking your professional bass fishing career to the next level is to create a cover letter and resume.

Obtaining a pro staff position is no different from applying for any other job so you need to be able to provide a potential sponsor some information about you and grab their attention quickly.  Companies get hundreds if not thousands of requests for sponsorships weekly so building a cover letter and resume that has that “wow” factor to separate you from other anglers is tantamount to your success.

Most of the time if you send a lack luster cover letter and/or resume this is the response you will probably get We appreciate your interest in becoming part of the XYZ tackle family. We will review your resume and qualifications. As you can imagine, we receive many request and we do our best to review all of these in a timely manner. We will contact you if there is a current need in your area. If there is not a current need, we will keep all requests on file for future considerations. Again, thank you for your interest in XYZ Lures.” 

But with a dynamic cover letter and resume you put yourself in a position to possibly get this response instead “The above is what I usually send to applicants, but your letter caught my attention. Although I take all pro-staff orders I’m usually not the one who makes the final decision on who gets added. But I’m going to add you anyway.  If there is something that you would like to try out let me know and I will get your free samples. Send me updates and info on how you are doing and promoting XYZ. I don’t expect you to use XYZ exclusively since we are not paying you, but the more you help us the more we can help you. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns…

Thank you and welcome to XYZ Tackle….

Let’s talk about the cover letter first.  Your cover letter should be one or two pages introducing yourself and why you are interested in representing their company.  The cover letter is your chance to emphasize your education, employment, marketing and sales background, fishing background and any other promotional benefits you can provide.  The cover letter should be organized and concise as your attached resume will give the specifics.

Here at BHQ we can help build “you” as a brand that sponsors want on their team.  We can provide the writing service for your cover letter that will keep your sponsors attention.  When you’re ready to take your career to the next level it’s time to contact BHQ.

Stay tuned as next week as we will talk about the benefits of a dynamic resume…

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