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Lake Oroville Fall Bass Fishing Report

Conditions: Air temp 56 – 76 degrees, wind 2-5 mph, clarity 5-8 ft, lake level 736 ft, and water temps 60-64 degrees The last stop on the Future Pro Tour Northern Division at Lake Oroville had anglers scratching their heads trying to figure out how to sift thru endless cookie cutter 1lb spotted bass in […]

Clear Lake Bass Fishing Report Sept. 2014

Conditions:   Air temp 95 degrees, wind 3-7mph, water clarity 1-2ft and water temps 68-75 degrees. I just got back from our annual week-long Damiki fishing trip at Clear Lake, Ca. This year’s trip included FLW Tour Pro Bryan Thrift, FLW Tour Pro Kevin Stewart, Damiki (Ray and Daniel Kim), yours truly and visits from Tackle […]

Cal Delta Bass Fishing Report – June 2014 – Aaron LeSieur

Conditions: Air temp 95 degrees, wind 5-7mph, water clarity 1-4ft and water temps 74-78 degrees. Tidal flow: Saturday (low incoming) Sunday (high outgoing) Aidan and I just got back from fishing the Future Pro Tour Central Division Delta Shoot Out where we took 2nd place out of 78 teams. The California Delta Shoot Out was […]

Sacramento River Smallmouth Fishing Report

Conditions:   Air temp 95 degrees, wind 5-7mph, water clarity 1-2ft and water temps 65-68 degrees. Tidal flow: 2 hours of outgoing, slack and 4 hours of incoming. Aidan and I just got back from a Saturday turkey shoot targeting Smallmouth Bass out on the Sacramento River and I wanted to give a quick fishing report. […]

Bass Tournament Fishing With Your Child part 2

Tournament Practice Aidan and I fished our second event on the Future Pro Tour at Folsom Lake a couple of weeks ago and are gearing up for Clear Lake on May 17th. Unfortunately Folsom didn’t go quite as planned as halfway through the tournament our cranking battery died and we had to get towed in. […]

Bass Tournament Fishing With Your Child

Part 1- Winter Preparation I think most fathers dream of having their child share their passion so they can spend time together regardless of what that passion is.  Mine just happens to be fishing.  So when I asked my ten-year old son Aidan if he wanted to start tournament fishing with me this year you […]

Buzz Bait on the California Delta with Aaron Lesieur

Professional bass angler Aaron Lesieur highlights the Damiki MTB buzz bait on the Ca Delta. Aaron provides details on how and where to use the bait in order to catch Delta bass. The Damiki MTB Noisy Buzzbait features an exclusive Ball Knocker for increased sound and surface disturbance. Its M-Hull head design also allows the […]

Aaron LeSieur – Tungsten Miller Punch Weight

In this video BHQ Pro Aaron LeSieur discusses the new Tungsten Miller Punch weights. In this video, professional bass angler Aaron Lesieur reviews and discusses the new tungsten 1.5oz Miller Punching Weight. The new Miller Punching Weight is now even better as it is 50% smaller than the original and comes with an ultra durable […]

Facebook and The Professional Bass Angler part 2

Now that we have discussed the importance of having a Facebook fan page, let’s review the ways in which to create that page. You can create a fan page one of two ways.  The first way is to start from scratch.  Get on to Facebook, create an account, follow the prompts via the page-builder, add […]

Facebook and The Professional Bass Angler

Angler marketing and self-promoting are very important pieces of the puzzle when it comes to being a professional Bass angler.   If people don’t know who you are or you are not able to generate marketing impressions, sponsors will not take an interest in you.  This is especially true if you are just starting out in […]