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Quick & Easy Ways to Keep Your Boat Looking Good all Season Long

Spending time on the water fishing is what everyone loves to do and why everyone gets into fishing, no one (well rarely anyone) gets into fishing because they love to clean a boat! Cleaning your boat takes time and some elbow grease, resulting in taking time away from being on the water and catching fish! […]

Stay Organized On The Water with Plano Tackle Boxes and Storage Solutions

Keeping your tackle organized with Plano tackle boxes and storage solutions, accomplishes several things for a Bass angler.  The first, it protects the tackle from getting damaged while you are running across the lake. Second, it cuts down on the time it takes to re-rig or find a new bait when you are on the […]

2015 Bassmasters Classic Recap – Father Knows Best

As always the caliber of anglers that complete in the Bassmasters Classic never disappoint in their ability to locate, catch and pattern bass using a plethora of techniques, despite them all facing the same conditions, one of them always finds a nugget that is off the beaten path and the reward a kicker fish! This […]

On The Road,.. Bass Boat Safety Tips

Glenn Walker With a new Bass fishing season beginning for those anglers living in the south and the new season looming in the distance for anglers in the north, preparations are underway. As fisherman and boaters, we want to get to the lake as fast as we can to enjoy the water and then back […]

Glenn Walker – 2014 Christmas Gift Guide for Bass fisherman

2014 Christmas Goodies! If you are still looking for that perfect gift for a family member or friend that is an avid angler, or looking to put something underneath the Christmas tree for yourself, than here are some helpful suggestions for you to make Christmas shopping easier for you this Holiday season. Zoom Fluke Stick […]

Rod Glove – Stay Organized and Protect Your Investment

Glenn Walker – Being able to quickly remove a rod from my rod locker during a tournament is very important, as that lure rigged on that rod could catch that bass I need to cash a check in a tournament. At the same time it is important to protect your rods as they are an […]

Heavy Cover Tactics For Big Bass – Glenn Walker

Glenn Walker – Using the correct gear is vital anytime you go head-to-head with big largemouth that have buried themselves in the thickest and nastiest cover out there, otherwise your big catch will just end up being a big fish story. There isn’t just one key item you need to have when fishing like this, […]

Five Must Have Bass Fishing Tools

Glenn Walker: From cutting line to unhooking a fish, an angler needs to have the correct tools in their boat so that they can take care of any situation that they may face when on the water. Here is a look five key fishing related tools that I have in my boat at all times. […]

Having your Bass boat Prepared and Organized

Glenn Walker – A characteristic of mine that sticks with me through everything I do is being very organized and this couldn’t be more true than when it comes to how I keep my Ranger Z119 looking, especially at the start of the season. Here is a photographic look at how I organize and more […]

A Multitude of Plastic Baits for Bass, How to Select the Right Bait for you

For Bass anglers the options for selecting a plastic baits for Bass when flipping a Texas-rig or rigging it on your favorite jig are endless, well at least it may seem that way!  Sometimes the bass are on such a feeding binge that no matter what style, color or size plastic bait you select they […]