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Digging Ditches for Bass

Wintertime Bass fishing can be very challenging, but also very rewarding. You don’t usually go out and catch fifty fish a day, but when you finally get bit it’s usually a good one. When the water gets cold the fish tend to spread out and suspend. They can literally be almost anywhere. There is, however, […]

Lipless Crankbaits in the Fall – Speed Trapping for Quality Bass

For most of the country, fall is upon us. The leaves are starting to turn, most people have left the lakes for the woods, the water is getting cooler, and the bass are feeding up for the winter. When the water starts to drop into the 60s the bait begins to moves shallow, and the […]

Putting too much bearing on bearing count

It seems like anymore reel companies are jamming as many bearings into a reel as their tiny frames can handle. Less than ten years ago you were lucky to have five bearings. Now reels with seven or eight often get scoffed at by customers. We have reels boasting as many as eleven bearing systems. To […]

Lake Lanier Magnum Spotted Bass

Lake Lanier – Bass Fishing Report:  1/20/13 – Richard Dunham Sunday was the start of the 2013 Greater Atlanta Bass Club season. This is first season with the club for my partner Scott Manwaring and I, and I wanted to win. Lake Lanier was our first stop, and the magnum Spotted Bass have been biting […]