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Lake Oroville Springttime Bass Fishing Report

SPRING TIME FEVER Don’t rush this season too much.  It will be here and gone before we know it,.. A buddy of mine, Ron had just returned from a fantastic trip in El Salto bragging about how he had been catching 5lbrs everyday and said he’d like to go in search of some quality Spotted […]

Getting started in a Bass fishing Club

“Why or Why Not A Bass Club” The question always comes up in conversation; do you belong to a Bass fishing Club?  When answering, the responses are generally mixed.   Whether you are a novice angler or an advanced angler don’t discount the fact that many of the top pro’s today once got their start fishing […]

Bass Fishing “Simple”

Imagine showing up at the ramp with your bass boat to meet your non-boater for a day on the water; your non boater has 10 rods, two large tackle bags full of every bait and color one can imagine.  The boater spends critical time re-organizing his own tackle and rods to make room to accommodate […]