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All Wrapped Up

Wrapped Bass Boats & Tow Vehicles Zak Elrite When you look around at nearly every bass tournament venue or event, you’ll soon understand how big of a roll advertising and marketing play in this sport. With all of the signs, banners, ads and jerseys donned by the pros and co-anglers alike, the most advanced type […]

Frenzy Vibe – New Weedless Vibration Rig

Oct 11, 2013 – For immediate release Frenzy Baits made their debut splash on the bass fishing scene with their 5 & 7 prong skirted umbrella rigs, The Bounty Hunter and the unskirted 7 prong, The Sniper. Frenzy Baits is creating turbulence once again with their brand new signature series weedless vibration bait designed by […]

2013 US Open Champion Rusty Brown interview

Rusty Brown – 2013 US Open Champion & Professional Bass Angler Zak Elrite with Bass Angler Headquarters was able to catch up with the 2013 WON Bass US Open winner, Rusty Brown, and ask him a few questions about his love affair with Lake Mead and his winning techniques. I met Rusty at the Open […]

How tough is a GoPro Camera

How about 70′ for 8 months at Lake Oroville starting in January 2013! The in’s and out’s of the world of tournament bass fishing are often misunderstood by those who don’t live with-in its borders. It is commonly thought to be a boring, slow-paced sport, only to be surpassed by golf. Or a ‘sport’ where […]

Who is Delta Wood Bombers

Who is Delta Wood Bombers? DWB is an idea, a custom wooden topwater plug and a craftsmanship rarely seen in this new age. DWB is also a story…  It’s been said that after having gone through the pain of tragedy, that we are reborn with a new sense of purpose, a spirit of knowing, if […]

Challenge Yourself, Rookie

With the wide array of tournament circuits here in California, and throughout the country, the rise of the “Rookie” style format seems to have grown into a life of its own. These tournament formats came to life nearly 10 years ago for many reasons but mainly because of the downturn of the nation’s economy. These […]

Maximizing Co-Angler “E-fish-ency”

Most of us have heard some basic guidelines for maximizing your efficiency on tournament day by pre-rigging, pre-dying, change trebles, etc.  We’ve also developed ways that may be unique to ourselves and our own style.  I know I have!  Still, we all have areas that we may be able to improve upon.  I am fishing […]

Skinny Bear’s 5” Swimming Shad Eye

The wide world of swimbaits can be very overwhelming to those who’ve just begun to take the plunge into its depths.  Among the plethora of choices, there is one that stands out in the crowd-Skinny Bear 5” Swimming Shad Eye.  This hand poured swimbait always has a place on the deck of my boat whether it’s […]

California Delta Bass Fishing Report April 16, 2013

Conditions: Air temps approx. 67deg. Water temps 60deg-62deg. Wind gusts 20-30mph, fished the high to outgoing tide from approximately 11:30am-4:00pm. I went out on the California Delta today to meet up with Steve Adams from Bass Angler Headquarters & BHQ pro Aaron LeSieur for a couple of hours of fishing, photos & hopefully video. But […]

3 Pre-Spawn Baits That Really Shine

3 of a Kind As we dust off the “winter time” cob webs and start to prepare for our pre-spawn fishing, there are 3 baits that I always have tied on. As water temperatures are reaching the mid to upper 50’s and we see bass start to move up from their deep water haunts up […]