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Interview with Japanese manufacturer, Jackson

1) Most of us here in the US have never heard of Jackson. What can you tell me about your company? Jackson is well-known manufacturer in Japan. We started creating fishing tackle in 1980. Our products consist of fishing rods and lures for salt water, freshwater and trout. We are placing focus on expanding business […]

Teckel Frogs – Not Just Another Soft Hollow Body Top Water Frog

It’s nearly frog season for most Bass fisherman. And in some places they’ve been hitting a hollow body frog for a while now. So if you are looking to add or to pick up a few new hollow body frogs this season read on because my experience with Teckel frogs has been nothing but stellar. There […]

Insight into Gator Trax Strike Series Aluminum Bass boats

First things first. We must all thank Kent Saxon for taking some time out of his very busy schedule to allow us this rare insight into Gator Trax boats. So, from myself and hopefully all of our readers at BHQ… Kent, we thank you for bringing a little South to the West. Kent: No problem….ya’ll. […]

Quantum’s Smoke PT Speed Freak -Hi-Speed Casting reel

Carolina Rigs, Jerkbaits, Jigs, Spoons, Frogs,.. What do all of these baits have in common? They are lures you primarily work with your rod rather than your reel. Imagine you are out on your favorite lake in a cove full of standing timber… You flip into a tree full of branches just waiting to snap […]

Spinlock Deckvest LITE ultra lightweight life-jacket

Just the other day I was speaking with one of the sales assistants at the U.S. headquarters for Spinlock.  We came to the conclusion that I may be the one and only angler using a Spinlock PFD. This wont last for long.  Let me tell you a little about this company and the Spinlock Deckvest […]

Phenix M1 Rods – Confidence in Performance

These Rods Perform – Find a Rod that Strikes a Balance  How do you select the right rod? If you read my latest article on the Quantum EnergyPT reels you might have guessed that I would immediately single out any rods under $100 and over $200. If you did you guessed right. Again it’s simply […]

The Quantum Energy PT Reels are Invaluable & Affordable

I was not always a Bass fisherman.  Truth be told I was always in search of the biggest fish swimming in any body of water.  Having grown up in the Midwest, I was mostly on the hunt for musky and northern pike. I used all kinds of reels.  As a kid you just use whatever […]

CHT Double Wacky Hook – Double Your Chances With this Wacky Rig

Put more Bass in the boat with this innovative wacky hook design from CHT Tackle. This wacky hook design has been on the market for a while now but really without much coverage. I have been using this design since last spring and wanted to share it with you. These double pronged wacky hooks simply […]

Freedom Tackle Live Action Hybrid Jigs

Freedom Tackle is Revolutionary Freedom Tackle is a company you may have heard of recently. They’re gaining in popularity and for good reason. My experience with Freedom Tackle lures has been nothing short of spectacular. Before I get into the details of what makes every single one of Freedom Tackle’s lures so amazing and versatile, let […]