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Banks Lake Bass Fishing Report – Early Fall

Bass Fishing Banks Lake, Washington Banks Lake in North Central Washington probably isn’t in the conversation with other major western bass destinations like Clearlake or Shasta or Washington’s Tri-Cities area on the Columbia River, but it certainly needs to be on the 2nd tier list.  It’s a scenic destination with awesome Bass fishing four hours […]

Early Season Bass Fishing Success in the Northwest

The present El Nino would subside in spring of 2016,.. says one source. The entire west looks for hope that El Nino will alleviate drought conditions and fill Western reservoirs this year. The Northwest has received near record precipitation, and winter temperatures have been above normal. My five acre pond located in southwest Washington at […]

Columbia River in Transition – Bass Fishing Late Summer/Early Fall

Daytime temperatures all along the course of the Columbia River remain constant going into late summer.  Mid nineties on the east side of the Cascades and mid 70s and low 80s on the west side with the Pacific marine influence.  What were noticeable were the crisp early morning temperatures and the sunrise that’s an hour […]

Columbia River Smallmouth Bass Fishing Report

Celilo Pool Hot August Bites That’s the title of my post after the other day on Celilo pool of the Columbia River. Actually it was a much more important launch,.. I’ve got a club tournament Aug 30th and I’m in contention for AOY. My schedule won’t allow any throw outs. My best five have to […]

Youth Bass Fishing Tournament

The difference a year can make. A hot humid August afternoon at DeGrey Lake in Arkansas 2011.  Fifty miles away on Lake Ouachita the FLW pros were battling it out trying to reel in a hot Scott Martin at the Forrest Wood Cup.  The National Guard Junior World Championship – a side-show maybe?  Not for […]

Columbia River Smallmouth

Play Book of Reaction It has to be acknowledged it’s more difficult to catch winning bags of smallmouth 16 to 18 pounds on the Columbia River after the spawn – if you fish reaction exclusively. For the sheer pleasure the chuck and wind crowd enjoys in the Deep South launch on this river and tie […]