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Angler Marketing: Matt Harvey Update!

Hey BHQ fans! Last time I wrote an article for you guys I was mentioning how I had my website in production and some new sponsors for 2014. Well I have more great news to report. Since the official release of my website in December, I have been doing some new stuff with social media […]

All Wrapped Up

Wrapped Bass Boats & Tow Vehicles Zak Elrite When you look around at nearly every bass tournament venue or event, you’ll soon understand how big of a roll advertising and marketing play in this sport. With all of the signs, banners, ads and jerseys donned by the pros and co-anglers alike, the most advanced type […]

Treat Fishing as a Business

Lessons from a CPA Forestville, WI – When the only things certain in life are taxes and death, advice about how to deal with paying what is owed and not becoming an IRS target attracted huge audiences at the recent National Professional Anglers Association annual conference. The entire conference dealt with the theme, “Motivate and […]

Facebook and The Professional Bass Angler part 2

Now that we have discussed the importance of having a Facebook fan page, let’s review the ways in which to create that page. You can create a fan page one of two ways.  The first way is to start from scratch.  Get on to Facebook, create an account, follow the prompts via the page-builder, add […]

Facebook and The Professional Bass Angler

Angler marketing and self-promoting are very important pieces of the puzzle when it comes to being a professional Bass angler.   If people don’t know who you are or you are not able to generate marketing impressions, sponsors will not take an interest in you.  This is especially true if you are just starting out in […]

Matt Harvey – 19 year old taking it to the next level

Hello my name is Matt Harvey and I’m 19years old and love fishing for Bass! This year I decided I wanted to get into fishing Bass tournaments here on my home water, the California Delta. I see so many Tournament bass anglers with jerseys, wrapped boats, sponsors, etc. Since I’m just starting out, I didn’t […]

Building a Professional Dynamic Bass Angler Website

In parts 1 and 2 of our angler marketing series we discussed the benefits and importance of creating a cover letter and resume.  Now let’s talk about one of the most, if not the most, important piece of marketing a tournament angler should have in order to be successful at securing sponsorships – a angler […]

Creating Dynamic Resume for the Professional Bass Angler

Now that we have discussed the benefits of creating a cover letter for the professional bass angler, let’s briefly talk about the importance of having a dynamic resume.  With so much competition in the world of tournament bass fishing, a plain old resume on some fancy paper with boring text will not suffice.   You only […]

Professional Bass Angler – You need exposure!

Bass Angler Headquarters provides PROFESSIONAL content creation and management with an integrated holistic approach to online marketing that maximizes your EXPOSURE! The image below is of an analysis we performed on a post from the BHQ website regarding Brandon Card’s  sponsor, Suzuki. Take a look at the analysis,.. You can’t get any better than 100%!! […]

Creating a Cover Letter and Resume

The first step in taking your professional bass fishing career to the next level is to create a cover letter and resume. Obtaining a pro staff position is no different from applying for any other job so you need to be able to provide a potential sponsor some information about you and grab their attention […]