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Angler's POV - The Angler's point of view:

Submit your best Bass fishing related how-to guide, tip or story. Topics should be under the following categories: Tips, techniques, travel, boating, camping, fishing, tournaments or any other Bass Fishing-related activities. It's YOUR point of view,.. The Bass Angler.

Bassmaster Elite Series Pro Brent Chapman Video Interview

Bassmaster Elite Series Pro & 2012 BASS Angler of the Year Brent Chapman, answers some questions from an online fishing forum called Bass Boat Central.  The interviewer, Travis Perret of Felix Fishing.com, asked the nearly 70,000 online members what questions would you ask Brent Chapman.  Some of the questions are related to how to become a […]

RB Bass Video with BassHookUps

Pretty cool video Bass Hook Ups put together for the RB Bass Crew. If your going to be at the ISE Show, be sure to go by the RB Bass booth. I hear they’re doing a BUNCH of raffles for some REALLY cool services & products.

What’s a Bass fisherman to do when the water is frozen?

Some bass tackle organization, customization and maintenance. Here in Minnesota are lakes and rivers have transformed into motionless sheets of ice, in which many cases are strong enough to support full size vehicles.  Staying busy and occupied during these long winter months is important to help curb cabin fever until I’m able to wet my […]

Top water Insights from Mikeybalzzfishing

Top water Bass Fishing by Mikeybalzzfishing The pre-summer to summer-peak is a period that sees a fish migration from bank cover to more offshore haunts.  The transition can be a bit tricky however as fish tend to focus both on bream as well as forming schools of shad.  Fishing Top water for Bass covering water […]

Getting started in a Bass fishing Club

“Why or Why Not A Bass Club” The question always comes up in conversation; do you belong to a Bass fishing Club?  When answering, the responses are generally mixed.   Whether you are a novice angler or an advanced angler don’t discount the fact that many of the top pro’s today once got their start fishing […]

Finicky Bass 2 – Drop Shot Finesse Fishing Tips and Techniques

This is part two of a three-part series from 17-year-old tournament Angler Patrick Zajdel Drop Shot While the Shakey Head is a shallow water bottom contact presentation, the drop shot is a technique that originated in Japan as a light tackle finesse presentation for suspended finicky bass. This rig is extremely effective year round and can […]

Weekend Anglers – A Juggling Act 2

You ask any professional angler about their key to success and the resounding response is going to be “Time on the water.”  There is no better way to prepare for an upcoming war than to get out there and evaluate the battlefield.  Here lies the problem for those of us who’s responsibilities flood over into […]

Finicky Bass – Finesse Fishing Tips and Techniques

This will part one of a two-part series from 17-year-old tournament Angler Patrick Zajdel Being a successful tournament angler consists of many factors. To me one of the most important factors that can make it or break it during tournament day is the decisions we as anglers make on the water. Knowing when to approach […]

Swimbaits and BigBaits – Lake Guntersville

2012 FLW Everstart tournament series recap on Lake Guntersville  from Matt Peters of  – Southernswimbait.com. He just released a great video in which gives some “insights into the mighty pool of the Tennessee River called Lake Guntersville. He recaps the 2012 FLW Everstart tournament on this body of water and some of the top baits that […]

Spawning Bass Strategy Video

Justin Rackely, Lake Fork Guy has put together a 3rd bass bedding behavior video in which we will look at some cool footage of bass depositing their eggs and fry guarding. He also goes through his favorite baits to throw on bedding bass and the strategies for catching them. Pleases visit Lake Fork Trophy Lures […]