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Frenzy Baits – The NAIL – Shaky Head Secrets with Greg Gutierrez

Put a nail in the competition’s coffin with the Frenzy Baits Nail Shakey Head. Designed with a flat-bottom, the Frenzy Baits Nail Shakey Head scoots along the lake floor with a foraging posture that is sure to grab the attention of any nearby predators. Molded with a barbed baitkeeper along the shank of the hook, […]

Justin Lucas talks wacky rig drop shotting, Shakey Head and knots

Bassmaster Elite series Pro Justin Lucas talks you through the how and why to fish a wacky rig drop shot and shaky head. How to approach the fish and the tackle, options and more. The drop shot and shaky head in different situations, water depth, rigging, tackle, rods, reels and line. He also demonstrates his […]

Finesse Fishing for Bass

Finesse Fishing  for Bass by Mikeybalzzfishing Our buddy Mikey (Mikeybalzzfishing) from Florida produced this short video for us discussing some basic tips on versatile finesse setups/presentations with both drop-shot rigs and shaky head fishing on Lake Okeechobee.