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How to Choose the Perfect Fishing Net – Plano Synergy

By: Jamey Caldwell Fishing on the FLW tour has taught me a lot about how to manage fish. One of the things that the FLW does for competitors – which is also a major effort for conservation – is permits the use of landing nets during tournament competition. In doing so, the FLW Tour has guaranteed a […]

The Red One Camera Keeper

A lot of sportsmen are having their outings recorded on cameras. From explosive top water excitement and wild Bass boat runs to their favorite spots, the video camera has become the standard for the amateur short film maker. From cameras like the Go Pro, fishermen, kayaks, cyclists, and other outdoor fun seekers can capture moments […]

Are Drones and Other Gadgets Just a Fad in Fishing?

People have found ways to pull fish out of the water to feed themselves for over 40,000 years, according to archaeological evidence uncovered by Australian National University. Humans have graduated from sticks, string and makeshift hooks to boats with sonar, graphite rods and lures that mimic real-life prey. Fishing technology is changing rapidly to help […]

5 Must-Know Fishing Knots for Beginner & Pro Anglers Alike

With the right knots you will be ready for anything on your Bass fishing trip. Here are five knots beginner and pro anglers alike should know how to tie before setting out on the water. No matter what fishing line you use, remember to always moisten before you tie a knot in it. While it […]

Frabill’s new Storm Series Storm gear is the latest and greatest in packable rain gear for anglers

Stow, Stow, Stow it in Your Boat Wikipedia defines a raincoat as, “A waterproof or water-resistant coat worn to protect the body from rain. A rain jacket may be combined with a pair of rain pants to make a rain suit.” (My times have changed….citing Wikipedia as an “official” source of information.) In fishing, we […]

Frabill F1 Storm Jacket

I just received my new Frabill’s F1 Storm F1 Storm Jacket. I needed a lighter jacket for those days that aren’t really that cold, but you get that weather that blows through. I haven’t had a chance to wear it outdoors yet, but I’ll report back when I do. Edit: I have had several occasions […]

Quantum’s Smoke PT Speed Freak -Hi-Speed Casting reel

Carolina Rigs, Jerkbaits, Jigs, Spoons, Frogs,.. What do all of these baits have in common? They are lures you primarily work with your rod rather than your reel. Imagine you are out on your favorite lake in a cove full of standing timber… You flip into a tree full of branches just waiting to snap […]

Powell Inferno Series

By Tyler Waller Wow! The crew at Powell rods never ceases to amaze me! I have been lucky enough to be a pro-staff member for a couple of years now and I still can’t believe they can pack so much quality into their products for such a small price. Over the past two years I […]

Spinlock Deckvest LITE ultra lightweight life-jacket

Just the other day I was speaking with one of the sales assistants at the U.S. headquarters for Spinlock.  We came to the conclusion that I may be the one and only angler using a Spinlock PFD. This wont last for long.  Let me tell you a little about this company and the Spinlock Deckvest […]

Humminbird® Introduces ChartSelect™

Purchase individual HD lake maps – all with full access to exclusive LakeMaster features ChartSelect™ is the latest digital cartography product available from Humminbird. With ChartSelect you can now select, purchase, and download your favorite individual HD lake map to an SD card for use on select Humminbird fishfinders. Currently, over 1300 High Definition lake […]