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Phenix M1 Rods – Confidence in Performance

These Rods Perform – Find a Rod that Strikes a Balance  How do you select the right rod? If you read my latest article on the Quantum EnergyPT reels you might have guessed that I would immediately single out any rods under $100 and over $200. If you did you guessed right. Again it’s simply […]

The Quantum Energy PT Reels are Invaluable & Affordable

I was not always a Bass fisherman.  Truth be told I was always in search of the biggest fish swimming in any body of water.  Having grown up in the Midwest, I was mostly on the hunt for musky and northern pike. I used all kinds of reels.  As a kid you just use whatever […]

Red One Wedgie Split Ring Tool

I’ve only had this awesome little tool in my hands for about a week and so far, I’m impressed. The Red One Wedgie split ring tool is going to get a workout over the next few months! Danny over at Red One systems has done a great job providing information and a great video for […]

Rod Glove – Stay Organized and Protect Your Investment

Glenn Walker – Being able to quickly remove a rod from my rod locker during a tournament is very important, as that lure rigged on that rod could catch that bass I need to cash a check in a tournament. At the same time it is important to protect your rods as they are an […]

Best Freswater Reel! – ABU Garcia REVO BEAST

Raising the Bar on High-Performance Durability The ABU Garcia REVO BEAST was born for throwing big baits. Whether it’s a heavy schooling rig, large swimbait or other big lure, the Abu Garcia® Revo® Beast excels. Wrestling big fish from heavy cover is in its DNA. Armed with a 22-pound max drag and deeper spool for […]

Humminbird® SmartStrike™ Poised To Change The Fish-Finding Game Forever

Orlando, Fl. (July 13, 2014) – Anglers are fast discovering the nearly limitless power, customizability and ease of use of Humminbird ONIX™ and ION™ sonar units. “ONIX™ represents the most versatile and powerful sonar hardware on the water. Now add SmartStrike™ software to the mix and the power and technology is truly unprecedented,” says Dale […]


STORMR® has experienced exponential growth in the fishing markets over the past two years, owing to its comfort level, impenetrability and feature-rich design. While the original jackets and bibs have quickly found a devoted following among thousands of anglers, we’ve been inundated with requests for products which harness that same quality, but for use in […]

FRABILL: New Warm Weather Raingear

Plano, IL (July 8, 2014) – Regrettably, dry on the outside often means wet on the inside. Sure, you’ve kept the rainstorm at bay, but at the sacrifice of becoming a human sweat lodge. Anglers know that soaked feeling and wetted-oneself look after removing suffocating rubber waders. Same goes for mediocre raingear – kiln dried […]

Lowrance HDS 12 & 9 Touch units with BASSMASTER Elite Series Pro Justin Lucas

BASSMASTER Elite Series Pro Justin Lucas explains how he has his Lowrance units set up at his console and a couple of tips that help give him an edge over the fish. HDS-12 Gen2 Touch Touchscreen Fishfinder / Chartplotter High-definition, 12-inch, widescreen color display with touchscreen functionality for fast and easy operation. Key Features Easy […]

Aqua-Vu releases powerful, portable “fish communication device”

Crosslake, Minn. (June 7, 2014) – Wonder what Alexander Graham Bell might say today about the evolution of his “electromagnetic telephone?” Given that the modern smart phone fits nicely into your pocket and works everywhere you take it—a dramatic departure from enormous earphones, rotary dials or connected tin cans—it’s a safe bet Bell would be […]