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Lake Guntersville Bass Fishing Report – Shad Spawn Bite

The strong winds and cool weather that dominated the first half of April has been replaced by warm temperatures with little wind.  As a result, Lake Guntersville’s water temperature has risen sharply to the low 70’s. While there’s still some bass spawning the majority seem to be finished and are funneling out toward deeper water.  […]

Lake Guntersville Bass Fishing Report – Fishing shallow

The unseasonably cool air temperatures and wind this past week have stalled the water temperature from rising on the pace it was earlier this spring.  The water temperatures is fluctuating between 60 and 68 degrees depending on the time of day and area of the lake.  There’s also a good stain to the water, even […]

Lake Guntersville Bass Fishing Report – Spring is here

The air and water temperatures have risen sharply over the past week here in North Alabama with air temps reaching the high 70’s and water temps into the mid 60’s.  I’ve also started to see pollen on the water as well. The bass have started spawning and my clients and I have been targeting both […]

Lake Guntersville Bass Fishing Report – Bigger bass starting to show themselves

While my clients didn’t catch high numbers of bass this past week, they made up for it by catching several solid size bass up to 7 1/2 pounds. We’ve continued to fish the lower, mid, and upper sections of the lake focusing on pre-spawn staging areas close to deep water, and also some shallower flats […]

Lake Guntersville Bass Fishing Report – Bass fishing slowly picking up on Gville

February 24, 2016 by Kevin Hawk The bass fishing on Guntersville has been up and down this week.  My clients and I experienced some tough days only catching a few fish, but have also had some good days as well.   The biggest bass caught by one of my clients this week was a little over […]

Lewis Smith Lake Bass Fishing Report – Off-colored water making for solid fishing

Although Smith Lake’s water level has dropped drastically over the past few weeks, the water color remains stained in most parts of the lake.   These conditions have many of the lake’s spotted bass holding in shallow water, so you can leave your dropshot rod at home and come equipped to power fish with crankbaits and […]

Cold Water Flippin’

Target emergent grass or matted vegetation in the winter Winter 2016 by Kevin Hawk Contrary to popular belief, flippin’ isn’t just a technique to start using once bass are done spawning.  In fact, it can be one of the most effective ways to put fish n the boat during the winter and pre-spawn stage while […]

BASSMASTER.com – 9 steps to going pro

I answered countless questions from young anglers during my three seasons competing on the Elite Series, but none more popular than “How do I prepare to become an Elite Series angler?” After having gone through the process myself, I’ve narrowed it down to nine steps if your goal is to become an Elite Series pro. […]

Lake Guntersville Bass Fishing Report – New Year off to a Productive Start

We’ve been fortunate to have had a mild winter so far here in North Alabama, and I’ve taken advantage by spending a lot of time on the water.  This past week we’ve had several cool nights, which has lowered the water temperature to the mid to upper 40’s. My clients and I have had to […]

Lake Guntersville Bass Fishing Report – Winter Time Cranking

We’ve had a few days of unseasonably warm weather in North Alabama this week.  It’s felt more like late spring than winter.  The stained water conditions have cleared considerably from last week especially in the creeks, and the water level has also fallen to a normal level for December.   The water temperature is still hovering […]