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The New Terminator® Walking Frog Jr. – Catch giant Bass

When bass are eating small baitfish in thick vegetation and around cover, walk softly and catch big fish with a Terminator® Walking Frog Jr. A half-inch smaller than the original Walking Frog, it walks with a more subtle action. “When bass are feeding on smaller forage, they’ll often eat the smaller frog better,” says Terminator […]

Rapala X-Rap Prop – Bernie Schultz

Danny Barker interviews Bernie Schultz on the new Rapala X-Rap Prop he helped design. What he calls an improved design of the old Florida favorite, the Devil Horse Prop bait. The X-Rap Prop marks the X-Rap family’s entrance into this productive category. Simply by adding X-Rap Attitude we have taken a good bait and made […]

Throw an Ice-Fishing Lure for Summer Bass

This summer, a winter walleye bait might be your best bet for bass. So say Bassmaster pros Brandon Palaniuk and Jacob Wheeler. Each has amassed big bags of open-water bass with a bait built for ice-fishing, the Rapala Jigging Rap. “It’s a little trick up my sleeve that I’ve kept secret for a long time,” […]

Locating the First Bass of Summer

“When you’re trying to figure out if the fish have transitioned to a summertime pattern, the first fish that you catch can really give you a lot of valuable information.” – Ott DeFoe As the air temperature climbs and short sleeve shirts take the place of sweatshirts, there’s a window of time across the country […]

California Delta Winter Bass Fishing with Robert Lee

Filming a TV show with Legendary Delta Pro Robert Lee By Craig Gottwals On a breezy Friday morning in early June I traveled down Interstate 5 to the Sacramento/San Joaquin Delta to film an episode of Galaxie Marine’s True Bass television show with “The General”, Robert K. Lee (as I playfully called him). I know, […]