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Late Summer Cranking and Plano Elite Series Crankbait Stowaways

By: Steve Pennaz By late summer, most lakes have strong populations of fish holding on deep, off-shore structure. It’s safe to assume that soaring water temps are one reason species like bass move out. But it’s not that simple. Bait availability is another factor. Oxygen levels are another, and there’s probably more that we’ll learn […]

The New Terminator® Walking Frog Jr. – Catch giant Bass

When bass are eating small baitfish in thick vegetation and around cover, walk softly and catch big fish with a Terminator® Walking Frog Jr. A half-inch smaller than the original Walking Frog, it walks with a more subtle action. “When bass are feeding on smaller forage, they’ll often eat the smaller frog better,” says Terminator […]

Rapala X-Rap Prop – Bernie Schultz

Danny Barker interviews Bernie Schultz on the new Rapala X-Rap Prop he helped design. What he calls an improved design of the old Florida favorite, the Devil Horse Prop bait. The X-Rap Prop marks the X-Rap family’s entrance into this productive category. Simply by adding X-Rap Attitude we have taken a good bait and made […]

Throw an Ice-Fishing Lure for Summer Bass

This summer, a winter walleye bait might be your best bet for bass. So say Bassmaster pros Brandon Palaniuk and Jacob Wheeler. Each has amassed big bags of open-water bass with a bait built for ice-fishing, the Rapala Jigging Rap. “It’s a little trick up my sleeve that I’ve kept secret for a long time,” […]

Locating the First Bass of Summer

“When you’re trying to figure out if the fish have transitioned to a summertime pattern, the first fish that you catch can really give you a lot of valuable information.” – Ott DeFoe As the air temperature climbs and short sleeve shirts take the place of sweatshirts, there’s a window of time across the country […]

California Delta Winter Bass Fishing with Robert Lee

Filming a TV show with Legendary Delta Pro Robert Lee By Craig Gottwals On a breezy Friday morning in early June I traveled down Interstate 5 to the Sacramento/San Joaquin Delta to film an episode of Galaxie Marine’s True Bass television show with “The General”, Robert K. Lee (as I playfully called him). I know, […]