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Kevin Stewart 2016 FLW Costa Series Shasta Recap

Professional Angler Kevin Stewart give us an in depth recap of his recent tournament up on Lake Shasta

Rapalas for cold water Crakin’ & Rippin’

When the water’s cold, Rapala baits are red hot. If you’re not slinging Shad Raps, Husky Jerks, X-Raps, or DT’s this time of year, you might as well stay home. So says a Who’s Who of Bassmaster Series pro anglers — Michael “Ike” Iaconelli, Ott DeFoe, Brandon Palaniuk and Pete Gluszek. In water 55 degrees down to nearly freezing, a […]

Digging Ditches for Bass

Wintertime Bass fishing can be very challenging, but also very rewarding. You don’t usually go out and catch fifty fish a day, but when you finally get bit it’s usually a good one. When the water gets cold the fish tend to spread out and suspend. They can literally be almost anywhere. There is, however, […]

Lake Berryessa Winter Bass Fishing Report

January 2013, BHQ just past it’s one year mark and work being so busy lately, I’ve had little or no time for fishing. Well, the other day my buddy Ron Howe from RB Bass gave me a call and said; “Hey I’m heading up to Berryessa on Saturday to get the boat on the water […]

Winter Bass Fishing on the California Delta

Winter time does not usually come to mind when an angler thinks about a fun-filled, quality day on the water fishing for bass.  Typically its spring, summer or fall that calls to us and makes us kiss our loved ones goodbye for the day, hook the boat and trailer up to the tow rig and […]