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Hindsight into Insight

Hindsight – the recognition of the realities, possibilities or requirements of a situation, event or decision, after its occurrence.

Individuals everywhere say, have heard or just know, “hindsight is 20/20”.  It is a simple term that people use to illustrate that they have the understanding of an event; but not until after the event has taken place.

A distinct quality for success is the ability to transform hindsight into insight, simply taking what one now understands about a past event and using that knowledge to understand a current situation.

Although, it is easier said than done, the 2010 Forrest Wood Cup champion Kevin Hawk, originally from Ramona, California strives to develop that attribute in himself.

With his first year as an FLW pro angler underway and five of the Majors tournament stops behind him, Hawk reflected on what he has learned, what he can change and how he will use his hindsight as insight at upcoming locations.

The Majors kicked off in March of this year with stops at Beaver and Hartwell.  In April, the tour visited Lake Chickamauga and then the Red River in May.  The most recent tournament took place on Kentucky Lake.  Of the five bass battles this year, Hawk has hit the standings in the top-25, three times.   He made a final filed cut on the Red River.

He looked at the lakes in hindsight and shared with Bass Angler Headquarters how he plans to transform some of his “coulda, shoulda woulda’s” for the future.  “In the moment, things are not as clear but I feel so far I am making decent decisions; I also know there is room to improve,” he explained.

“The biggest change I want to make is to cover more water; I realize now that I am just not always seeing enough of the lake or river systems in pre fishing.” He continued saying, “I may focus on one or two parts of the lake really hard in practice; but if I could cover more water and increase my speed, I would have the opportunity to see more areas and improve my success by having more spots or more groups of fish,”

The former West Coast pro explained that although his speed covering ground was something he wished to accelerate, he didn’t want to sacrifice thoroughness and had to find a good balance between the two.  “It is a vicious cycle finding a harmony between moving through areas quickly and still methodically learning the area.”

A recent Alabama transplant, Hawk is attempting to acquaint himself with many unknown tournament waterways.  Half the stops on this year’s trail were brand new to the angler and the other half he had not been on more than one or two times.

Navionics NavPlanner2 Screenshot

His strategy will be to continue his “off the water” study with his Navionics NavPlanner2, paper maps and Bing maps.  He searches these for contour lines and aerial photos for stand out structure and irregularities.  He gave an example saying, “I am new to lots of the tournament waters, but that is not an excuse; my map planning helps in the learning curve, I search for familiarity from other waters I know.  For example, it was a big help to me at Beaver because right away I could identify the standing timber and I target that.”

He continued with his explanation, “I am not looking for one specific thing but areas to key in on and then when I get on the water I can search them for the “spot on the spot”, a brushpile, a rock pile.  Planning off the water helps me locate a sweet spot on the water much quicker.”

Even though he is new to the pro side of the circuit, it seems Kevin Hawk has a heap of hindsight to draw from as he has already amassed nearly $700,000 over the past year in FLW tournaments.  He looks forward to continuing the season on Pickwick next in July.

Sometimes the whole season can be a grind.
To learn more about Kevin Hawk, please visit his website at www.kevinhawkfishing.com.

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