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Are Drones and Other Gadgets Just a Fad in Fishing?


People have found ways to pull fish out of the water to feed themselves for over 40,000 years, according to archaeological evidence uncovered by Australian National University. Humans have graduated from sticks, string and makeshift hooks to boats with sonar, graphite rods and lures that mimic real-life prey. Fishing technology is changing rapidly to help you enjoy your experience and find success on the water. The following are just a few new gadgets to consider:


A waterproof flying drone that uses sonar to find fish and then casts the line for you sounds like something only Luke Skywalker and Han Solo could get their hands on. But science fiction is now reality on Earth. The AguaDrone is a waterproof quadcopter that is equipped with a marine-life locating system, called Fish Scout Pod, and a camera. Both are Wi-Fi enabled to transmit signals back to your smartphone or tablet from 300 feet away. Once the fish are located, you fly the AguaDrone back to you, attach a lure and fly it back out to the sweet spot.

Even though the device is great at finding fish, the general vibe from bloggers and reviewers is that this device takes the fun out of fishing. One comment on Gizmag‘s article even suggests that those who want an AguaDrone should simply buy fish at a supermarket.

Lily Camera

GoPro cameras revolutionized the way people capture footage of hikes up steep mountains, that perfect bow shot of a rabbit and even parachuting from an airplane. The Lily Camera aims to do the same thing for fishing. Like the Aguadrone, the Lily is a quadcopter that captures images from above. What makes the Lily unique, though, is that you don’t need experience flying quadricopters to take awesome footage right out of the box. Its “throw and go” technology allows you to simply toss it in the air and either follow or lead wherever you want to go. It uses GPS to communicate with a wristband that tells you where it is at all times.

The one improvement that must be made on the Lily is battery life. It can only fly for 20 minutes on a full charge and you can’t swap the batteries. The good news is that it’s waterproof, so even if it comes splashing down into the water while fishing, you can recover and still use it. Another deterrent is price. At $999, this device may not be worth it for the leisurely fisherman.

Trend or Fad?

Hard-core Bass anglers love the challenges associated with Bass fishing. Whether it’s picking the right lure, patiently casting for hours for that one big bite on a swimbait, the satisfaction that comes from success is what makes fishing great. It’s a common practice to leave all electronic devices and other items that tie you to the daily grind behind so you can fully enjoy the experience.

However, some of this new fishing technology is great for casual anglers or those who love playing with the latest and greatest gadgets. While Lily Cameras may find a following among avid anglers, don’t expect AguaDrones to become fixtures of sports fishermen anytime soon.

The bottom line is that traditional fishing isn’t going anywhere. These new inventions are cool and interesting, but most anglers will not open their wallets to add to their gear arsenal.