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Protecting Your Investment

Keeping Your Motor Running In Top Form with Mercury Fuel Care System products.

So you buy this incredible, complex, expensive, high performance bass boat and rely on it day in, day out on the water, shouldn’t you be doing everything in your power to make sure the power house hanging on the back of it is in tip-top shape?
The fuel that you are filling the tank in your bass boat with could actually be harming your outboard engine.  Some of the problems that your outboard could experience because of today’s fuel include:

Ethanol-Blended Non-Ethanol-Blended
Corrosion Moisture
Gum & Varnish Build-Up Corrosion
Phase Separation Fuel Breakdown & Oxidatio


This is why I rely on the Mercury Fuel Care System products, to keep my Optimax Pro XS Outboard running in top shape.  By taking the time now and spending a little money on these products, I’m helping keep my boat on the water and not in the shop for a costly repair.

Step 1:  Quickare – add to every fill-up
Helps maximize engine performance, by controlling corrosion, gum and varnish build-up.  I keep a bottle of this in my boat at all times, so I can quickly add it every time I fill up my Ranger.

Step 2:  Quickleen – add throughout the boating season
Aggressively cleans carbon deposits from your motor, prevents engine knocking and extends your spark plug life.  I typically like to add this every two weeks or every four fill ups.

Step 3:  Quckstor – add before long-term storage
This will stabilize your fuel for up to a year and prevents corrosion in your fuel system, along with preventing your fuel from breaking down and oxidizing.  I’ll put this in my fuel tank and run it through my motor prior to putting it away for the winter.

About Glenn Walker

Glenn has been fishing tournaments for over ten years, spreading his passion and knowledge of the sport via articles and videos. He keeps busy fishing events across Minnesota and on the Mississippi River. Glenn's sponsors include: Ducky, Humminbird, Jeff Belzer Chevrolet, Mercury Marine, Minn Kota, Onyx, Plano, Rayjus, RC Tackle, Seaguar, Simms, Snag Proof, The Rod Glove, TroKar, Wright & McGill and Zoom. For more information check out glennwalkerfishing.com or follow along on his Facebook Page: Glenn Walker Fishing