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Ouch! Why is my back hurting!

Every part of your body is connected to every part of your body.

Our bodies are made up of individual parts that are connected.  It’s like that old song, “your hip bone is connected to your leg bone, your leg bone is connected to your knee bone, and your knee bone is connected to your shin bone.”

If something goes wrong with this connection it creates pain.  Ways this connection could go wrong is by doing something for a long period of time.  What I mean by long period of time is doing something for many years.  Sitting is a good example.  If you have a job where you sit for long periods of time, such as an office job or a job that requires you to travel, can create a disconnect in your body.  Another good example is a job where you have to stand for long periods such as a manufacturing job.

The muscles in the body react to the stimulus we give them on a daily basis.  If it is improper stimulus it can bad for our bodies.

Bad stimulus over long periods of time creates muscle imbalances.  These imbalances create disconnections in the body.  These disconnections create pain.  Many times it’s not the activity we are participating in that caused the pain, but the years of wearing and tearing leading up to that point.

One example is bending over to pick up a pen off the floor.  You bend over and pick it up then your back hurts.  Well it wasn’t the bending over picking up the pen that caused your back to hurt.  It was all those years of disconnections in your body.  Then when you bent over to pick up the pen it hurt.  It wasn’t the pens fault.

Let’s use a fishing example.  Say that you love to fish (which we all do) and you fish as much as possible, which is not as often as some of us wish.  The morning after a great day on the water you wake to an amazingly painful back problem.  You can barely roll out of bed.

You think to yourself, “What did I do?”  You didn’t have an accident.  You didn’t lift anything heavy.  You didn’t fall.

So you go to a doctor and they don’t find anything wrong.  Or maybe they tell you, “You are getting older and need to slow down.  You probably have a mild form of arthritis.”  You think, “Slow down?  I was fishing!”  They give you some pain pills and send you on your way.

Yet something in the back of your mind says something wrong.  You can’t place your finger on it, but something is definitely wrong.  Not wrong all the time but wrong when you should be feeling your best, which is out on the water fishing.

What is happening is that years of living life to its fullest finally caught up with you.  Things like sitting in your car and sitting in your office chair at work.  That sprained ankle you had a few years back.  These are just a few things that happen in our lives that create muscular imbalance, which causes chronic pain.

It’s not the fishing that hurt your back.  It’s the alignment of your body when you fish that hurt your back.  The common misconception is that if it hurts your back to fish, then stop fishing.

I don’t believe that is a good answer to your pain problems.    How about fix your body and don’t blame it on the fishing.  This way the pain goes away and you can still fish.

Muscles Move Bones

The fundamental idea of the human body is that muscle move bones.  Bones have to be told to move.

Years of muscular imbalance creates excessive wearing and tearing on the joints and bones.  If you rebalance the muscles by educating them through proper movement the work load redistributes allowing the painful area to heal and feel better.

Years of sitting has created muscle imbalance in the hips which has caused the back to hurt.  Instead of working on your back you need to work on the muscles in your hips.

So instead of slowing down you need to step up and become more active.  But the active part has to be proper activity that balances and aligns your joints by using the muscle correctly.

That is where I come in.  I evaluate your posture and your body alignment.  I then give you a specific exercise routine that helps to educate your body to function properly.  As it functions better it starts to feel better.  The better you feel the more you can fish.

I can even do your evaluation online and email you exercises that will help you feel better.

Send me a comment if you have any questions.


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