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Bassmaster Classic Media Day

Today was media day at the 2012 Bassmaster Classic in Shreveport Louisiana.  Sitting with the contenders you can feel how important this one event is to them and what it can do for their careers and their legacy in the sport.

The heavy weight fight is about to begin.  

Who has the mental toughness to overcome the weather conditions and take the next step for their career, for their family and for their legacy?

What obstacles will Mother Nature throw at them and who will be prepared to handle them the best?

The Red River is flowing fast and the weather is changing.  Today’s temperatures where in the 80’s with a strong wind.  Weather forecasters say there will be a cold front tonight with the wind blowing 16 mph out of the northwest.  The wind and the temperatures could play a big part in who takes home the trophy.

When asked his opinion about the weather Brent Chapman, 11 time Bassmaster Classic qualifier with over a million dollars in earnings, says, “I’m not too worried about the temperature but the wind is what will muddy up the water, which could make the fishing tuff.”

Chapman has proven he can win in harsh conditions.  Two weeks prior to the Classic he won the B.A.S.S Central Open on Lewisville Lake in Lewisville Texas.  Cold temperatures and hard winds made the central open hard to fish.  With only a few limits brought to the weigh-in.  One co-angler came off the water and was overheard saying, “it was so brutally cold my bibs were frozen to my body.”

The practice days are intended to give the anglers a chance to find fish and figure out the winning pattern. This years practice may not provide much information.  With the conditions changing so quickly the pattern found in practice might not be applicable during the tournament.

Many of the contenders mentioned catching a good quantity of fish on the first day of practice.  On the second day most seemed to agree the fishing started to fall off.  The hard down pour of rain during practice seemed to turn the bite off.  Then it warmed up.  Predictions on the weather for the first day of the tournament is falling temperatures and a cold front.  This Classic is forming up to be a battle of not who can find fish but who can make the fish bite the best.

The Red River will fish small because there seems to be no mystery to finding the fish.  There are only a few places where quality fish live in the Red River.  It will be a matter of getting them to bite.  Stephen Browning who has qualified to fish the Classic 8 times and has 183 B.A.S.S events under his belt is not worried about the temperatures.  The Hot Springs, Arkansas pro thinks the colder temperatures could actually turn the fish on and make the bite better.

Browning says, “The bass in this river system will need to feed.  We have had some unstable conditions the last week, which hasn’t given them a chance to eat.  This cold front might make them start biting.”

This is an all or nothing tournament for many of the anglers.  Making the right decision and catching the right size bass is what the Bassmaster Classic is all about.  In the minds of many of the fisherman there is no second place.  The first day will be about who has found the spot were the fish are biting.

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