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Spin Rippin’ for Bass

By Danny Barker

When I first started fishing, spinning gear is what I used for everything. Later on I started using bait casters for crankin’, throwin’ blades and flippin’, but I still use spinning tackle for the rest my fishing.

Most people like to ripp with a fiberglass or composite bait casting rod and a reel loaded with mono. Here’s what and why I use a spinning set up for ripping. The reel I use is a Shimano Sradic 4000, the rod is a Dobyns 7′ medium action and the line is 14 lb Fireline. Most people don’t like Fireline or any other non stretch line for ripping, but here’s why I like this set up.

The ripp fish that I target are in shallow water and tend to be on the spooky side. So what I do is make really long cast to these fish and that’s where the no stretch line comes into play. I’m able to hook these fish up as far as 30 yards away, then I back off my drag and let my rod do the shock absorbing. The majority of the fish are hooked up solid. Keep an eye on your line for wear and trim it back if you see a lot of fraying.

The baits I throw are mostly Lucky Crafts Pointer’s and Daiwa’s T D Minnow. I also use a feathered treble hook (long feathers) on the back; make sure you use a good hook the same exact size as what’s already on the bait. This is very important because you can affect the action of the lure. The feathered hook on the back gives the bait a bigger profile and hopefully attracts bigger fish.

Play around with different retrieves, stop and go, twitching and dead sticking. Think of it as using a fluke with two treble hooks. I also use this set-up for top-water and throwing spooks. The Fireline floats, which keeps the bait riding high. The same theory about long cast applies. This method of fishing these baits goes against the grain of what we’ve been taught, but it works for me.

Give the spin rippin’ technique a try and see how it can help you catch spooky shallow fish.

That’s what’s in my tackle box, what about yours?
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