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Interview: Aaron Britt & Todd Kline – Rayovac FLW Series – Clear Lake Champions

The following transcript has been edited for brevity and clarity while preserving the mood, emotion and integrity of the live interview, to the extent possible. We’ll have the audio version of the interview available soon. BHQ Jason Haley: Hi guys, Jason Haley here with BHQ. Thanks for lettin’ me take a little bit of your […]

Bullards Bar Magnum 9.48lb Spotted Bass

Aaron Britt – Bullards Bar Report… I managed to make it out to the legendary Bullards Bar Reservoir for a few days of fishing this week. I went out on Wednesday with good buddy and FLW Pro Mike Wright for a day of fun fishing. We have been hearing the bite has been incredible, so […]

Aaron Britt – Professional Angler Website

Aaron Britt – Professional bass angler here in the West Coast. I have grown up in a very small town called Yuba City, and am within an hour of some of the most prestige fisheries in the world, some of them being Oroville, Clear Lake, California Delta, Berryessa, Shasta Lake etc.  I have been competitively […]