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Lake Guntersville Bass Fishing Report – Winter Time Cranking

We’ve had a few days of unseasonably warm weather in North Alabama this week.  It’s felt more like late spring than winter.  The stained water conditions have cleared considerably from last week especially in the creeks, and the water level has also fallen to a normal level for December.   The water temperature is still hovering […]

Lake Guntersville Bass Fishing Report – Early Winter Bass are Biting

Northern Alabama received a significant amount of rain last week and the lake is still showing the effects of all the run-off.  The lake level is high, stained, and the water level has dropped about eight degrees to the mid-50’s.  Due to the high water nearly all of the remaining emergent vegetation is now sub-surface. […]

2015 River2Sea OPEN Team Tournament – California Delta

4th annual River2Sea Open’s “Big Party” on track to be the biggest ever BETHEL Island, Ca. – Summer time will soon be over, and with fall fast approaching, the time is almost here where the California delta will transform into one of the most productive waters in the west for anglers to catch big numbers […]

Early Season Cranking

Cold water – hot action February is an interesting month for bass anglers across the country. Anglers in Florida are usually already chasing post spawners while anglers in the north are still drilling holes in their frozen lakes and reservoirs. Outside of those two extremes, February for the majority of the country offers water temperatures […]

2014 River2Sea OPEN Team Tournament – California Delta

The official countdown begins as the last wave of anglers looking to qualify for the 2nd annual Coors Light Delta Open Teams Series Championship next spring, will get their final chance as the 2014 River2Sea Open returns to the California Delta – at Ladd’s Marina, November 1st and 2nd. This event will be the last […]

Crankbaitin’ for bass, Part 1

For the next couple of weeks we’re going to talk about crankbaits and bass. read more Read More on BASSMASTER.com >

Deep cranking for fall

Summer’s not the only time for deep cranking. It’s good now, too. read more Read More on BASSMASTER.com >

River 2 Sea Open 2013 – California Delta – shatters last year’s attendance!

2013 event shatters last year’s attendance! By Jody Only One hundred and three were welcomed to the two-day, River2Sea bass on the California Delta, where anglers battled on the tidal waters for a guaranteed payout of $10,000. At the end of the weekend, the top spot, top and championship trophy belonged to the team of […]

Fall Bass Fishing and Changing Water Conditions

Finding bass becomes much more difficult when lake levels start falling in October. These water levels seem to congregate the bass on specific spots. In the next few paragraphs, I am going to help you catch more bass this fall. I believe it’s a good thing to see the water levels to begin to fall, […]

When VanDam gets into 'treble'

Most bass anglers never consider changing treble hooks on moving baits, according to KVD. Here is why it may be the biggest mistake you can make on the water. read more Read More on BASSMASTER.com >