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Flipping/Pitching with JT Kenney

JT will walk you through the subtle differences of flipping and pitching in grass mats, that can be the difference in cashing a check and going home empty handed. Watch Entire Class: http://thebassuniversity.com/tv Watch More YouTube Videos: http://bit.ly/BassFishingVideos Check Out The Tackle The Pros Use: http://bit.ly/1b99im8

Justin Lucas Gets Career Victory No. 1 In Front Of Big Home Crowd on the California Delta

At just 28 years of age, it’s hard to imagine Justin Lucas has accomplished all he’s going to in professional bass fishing. But wherever he goes from here, it’ll be hard for him to top what he experienced the past four days in the Sacramento Bassmaster Elite at Sacramento River. With a giant cheering section […]

Lake Guntersville Bass Fishing Report – Flipping and Frogging

My clients and I have been fishing the upper end of Lake Guntersville focusing around the Goose Pond area.  We’ve been catching our biggest fish flipping an ounce and a quarter weight and a Green Pumpkin Yamamoto Flappin Hog focusing on areas with a combination of milfoil and hydrilla.  The key depth range has been […]

Heavy Cover Tactics For Big Bass – Glenn Walker

Glenn Walker – Using the correct gear is vital anytime you go head-to-head with big largemouth that have buried themselves in the thickest and nastiest cover out there, otherwise your big catch will just end up being a big fish story. There isn’t just one key item you need to have when fishing like this, […]

10 New Year's resolutions

New Year’s resolutions that will help you catch more bass. read more Read More on BASSMASTER.com >

In praise of the flippin’ masters

I’ve been in Florida now for some time fishing Okeechobee and a couple of other places trying to get ready for the upcoming Wildcard. It’s been an experience. read more Read More on BASSMASTER.com >

Jigs or soft plastics for flippin' and pitching?

Whether you should flip or pitch jigs or soft plastics depends on several factors, including cover, forage and water clarity. Ultimately, you have to let the bass decide, according to Matt Lee. read more Read More on BASSMASTER.com >

Junk mat pattern on the Kissimmee Chain with Mikeybalzzfishing

Mikeybalzzfishing – “Worked on this off and on for about 4 months. Not a giant fish fiesta but really tried to break down a junk mat pattern on the Kissimmee Chain during a tough period on the lake. If you like it SHARE it up.” Baits: D&M Custom Baits Big Mama and a Gambler BB […]

Hit the grass for summer bass

Lacking the benefits of air conditioning, sunscreen or ceiling fans, bass endure summer’s swelter by utilizing their two main temperature modification tools — depth and cover. read more Read More on BASSMASTER.com >

Flippin' and Pitchin' the Prespawn

No matter where you live in the Northern Hemisphere, the bass have either spawned, are spawning or are preparing to spawn. Here’s how to catch them. read more Read More on BASSMASTER.com >