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Maximizing Co-Angler “E-fish-ency”

Most of us have heard some basic guidelines for maximizing your efficiency on tournament day by pre-rigging, pre-dying, change trebles, etc.  We’ve also developed ways that may be unique to ourselves and our own style.  I know I have!  Still, we all have areas that we may be able to improve upon.  I am fishing […]

3 Pre-Spawn Baits That Really Shine

3 of a Kind As we dust off the “winter time” cob webs and start to prepare for our pre-spawn fishing, there are 3 baits that I always have tied on. As water temperatures are reaching the mid to upper 50’s and we see bass start to move up from their deep water haunts up […]

Lake Amistad Bass Fishing Report

I was finally able to make it down to Lake Amistad, a place that I have always dreamed of fishing. I was there January 20-25 for the FLW Everstart Central tournament. The bite was fairly tough, there had been cold fronts that came through the week before we got there and the fish were kind […]

Powering thru the transition period

Once summer begins to fade, the bass start doing a lot of different things and you have to be prepared for all of them. read more Read More on BASSMASTER.com >