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Hindsight into Insight


Hindsight – the recognition of the realities, possibilities or requirements of a situation, event or decision, after its occurrence. Individuals everywhere say, have heard or just know, “hindsight is 20/20”.  It is a simple term that people use to illustrate that they have the understanding of an event; but not until after the event has […]

The Unexpected

Fifth-place pro Kevin Hawk holds up his biggest bass from day one on Lake Chickamauga. (Photo by Brett Carlson)

Bass Angler Headquarters catches up with Kevin Hawk as he finishes his freshman year on the FLW Tour.  The former West Coast pro, originally from Ramona, California has five Majors under his belt since his decision to take the pointy – end of the boat for the 2011 season. While his finishes at Hartwell and […]