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Tips for 'Traps

The Rat-L-Trap is probably the most ubiquitous lure in all of bass fishing. Though it wasn’t the first lipless, vibrating crankbait on the market, it’s certainly the best known … and perhaps the most inefficiently used. read more Read More on BASSMASTER.com >

Lipless Crankbaits in the Fall – Speed Trapping for Quality Bass

For most of the country, fall is upon us. The leaves are starting to turn, most people have left the lakes for the woods, the water is getting cooler, and the bass are feeding up for the winter. When the water starts to drop into the 60s the bait begins to moves shallow, and the […]

The key to catching more bass in fall

Anglers can take advantage of these shad pattern tips to locate actively feeding bass and quickly fill a limit. read more Read More on BASSMASTER.com >