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Early Season Bass Fishing Success in the Northwest

The present El Nino would subside in spring of 2016,.. says one source. The entire west looks for hope that El Nino will alleviate drought conditions and fill Western reservoirs this year. The Northwest has received near record precipitation, and winter temperatures have been above normal. My five acre pond located in southwest Washington at […]

Lake Guntersville Bass Fishing Report – Early Winter Bass are Biting

Northern Alabama received a significant amount of rain last week and the lake is still showing the effects of all the run-off.  The lake level is high, stained, and the water level has dropped about eight degrees to the mid-50’s.  Due to the high water nearly all of the remaining emergent vegetation is now sub-surface. […]

Lewis Smith Lake Bass Fishing Report – Smith is kicking out quality size and strong numbers right now

Smith Lake continues to kick out quality spotted bass this week.  My clients have caught the majority of their fish dropshotting in 15 to 35 feet of water and throwing loud topwater plugs.  It’s important to have both presentations in your arsenal this time of year to appeal to fish suspended high in the water […]

Lewis Smith Lake Bass Fishing Report – The Spotted Bass are Firing

The Smith Lake Park Bass Fest is just two weeks out and the spotted bass are firing right now.  The water temperature is around 83 degrees and there’s baitfish visible everywhere.  You can catch fish all over the lake right now on just about any technique you like to fish including topwater, swimbaits, jigs, and […]

2015 River2Sea OPEN Team Tournament – California Delta

4th annual River2Sea Open’s “Big Party” on track to be the biggest ever BETHEL Island, Ca. – Summer time will soon be over, and with fall fast approaching, the time is almost here where the California delta will transform into one of the most productive waters in the west for anglers to catch big numbers […]

Kevin Hawk Summertime Bass Fishing on Lake Guntersville

Kevin Hawk ~ I’ve had a month long break in between Elite Series tournaments this summer and have been keeping busy with guide trips on Lake Guntersville.  The fishing has been solid with my clients and I enjoying fun days on the water.  You can always catch fish shallow on Guntersville, but May through August […]

Kevin Hawk Swimbaits for Summertime Bass

There are two major challenges in summer bass fishing on the TVA lakes. First is getting a bait down where they live in hot weather and keeping it there, at a speed that won’t bore the angler to tears. Fishing a football jig or Carolina rig, for example, is effective but deadly slow, and when […]

Columbia River in Transition – Bass Fishing Late Summer/Early Fall

Daytime temperatures all along the course of the Columbia River remain constant going into late summer.  Mid nineties on the east side of the Cascades and mid 70s and low 80s on the west side with the Pacific marine influence.  What were noticeable were the crisp early morning temperatures and the sunrise that’s an hour […]

2014 River2Sea OPEN Team Tournament – California Delta

The official countdown begins as the last wave of anglers looking to qualify for the 2nd annual Coors Light Delta Open Teams Series Championship next spring, will get their final chance as the 2014 River2Sea Open returns to the California Delta – at Ladd’s Marina, November 1st and 2nd. This event will be the last […]

Lake Guntersville Bass Fishing Report with Kevin Hawk

Kevin Hawk – The weather and bass fishing on Lake Guntersville is hot right now.  My clients haven’t been catching a ton of numbers, but the overall fish quality is solid.  I’ve been focusing on ledges and drops along the main river and creek channels on the lower end of the lake fishing heavy swimbaits, […]