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Spybaiting Essentials Vol.2: The Breakdown

DUO International YouTube: In 2013, 2014 Several tournaments were won Spybaiting. In late 2014 at the Bassmaster Northern Open Lake St. Clair A champion was crowned Spybaiting the entire 3 days. He carried a four pound average to the scales. It didn’t stop their many regional anglers cashed checks employing Realis Spinbaits and Spybaitng. In […]

What is Spybaiting! The Essentials of the Technique

By DUOJPN YouTube: “Spybaiting”, the epitome of refinement in a finesse technique. The lure designed for this technique is DUO/Realis’s Spinbait. The origin of spybaiting is rumored to have occurred around Lake Biwa 2007/ 2008. Others mention its popularity near Tokyo, Chiba and Yokohama where there are many small bodies of water. At that time […]