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Bass Angler Magazine – 2015 WINTER Issue

BASS ANGLER Magazine – “BAM” if you fish for bass this is your magazine Bass Angler the nations most informative fishing magazine that will flat out, help you “Catch More Bass”. Winter 2015 – In this issue, we head to Africa’s Lake Botswana, learn how to make our own punch skirt, listen to Brandon Lester’s […]

Three keys to winter jig fishing

Elite pro Greg Hackney is a master of jig fishing, and winter is his favorite time of year to fish it. read more Read More on BASSMASTER.com >

Bass Angler Magazine – 2014 Winter Issue

BASS ANGLER Magazine – BAM the World’s Most Informative Bass Fishing Magazine Bass Angler a seasonal book of bass fishing tips, trends, techniques and much more. Winter 2014 – In this issue, we learn about a new thermocline, jerkbait techniques and Float N’ Fly, hair jigs. We follow Cody Meyer for spotted bass, we go […]

Lake Berryessa Winter Bass Fishing Report

January 2013, BHQ just past it’s one year mark and work being so busy lately, I’ve had little or no time for fishing. Well, the other day my buddy Ron Howe from RB Bass gave me a call and said; “Hey I’m heading up to Berryessa on Saturday to get the boat on the water […]

Swindle follows the food for winter bass

Without a definitive game plan, cold days can turn into a whole lot of looking with not a whole lot of fishing. read more Read More on BASSMASTER.com >