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Angler Marketing – Website, Resume, Sponsors


Hey Bass Angler Nation! Last time I wrote an article for you guys I was mentioning how I had my website in production and some new sponsors. Well I have more great news to report.

Since the official release of my website in December, I have been doing some new stuff with social media and posts on my website. I’ve written a few fishing reports and some tournament recaps from my last Future Pro Tour season. I have even been playing with video editing software and will start producing some videos for Youtube.

The most exciting thing that has come this year so far is a sponsorship I picked up in February. I was getting a service done on my Bass Tracker to prepare for the tournament season and I was talking to the General Manager at Nor-Cal Mastercraft about fishing and what I do. I told him about my website and that was that. I took my boat home and soon after I had to bring it back in to the shop to have something adjusted and the General Manager approached me and asked if I know much about the Nitro Boats State Fishing Team. Long story short, he sent in an application to Nitro Boats to get me sponsored and he also mentioned he would like to sponsor me.

Now I work at Nor-Cal Mastercraft as the fishing boat sales associate and have been taking some of my customers out on the delta on fishing lessons. I also have a new boat that will help me the rest of this season and season to come. I now run a Nitro Z-7 with a Mercury Pro XS 150.

I was also fortunate enough to pick up a local sponsor, Lure Fans USA. They make some awesome hard and soft baits and are continuously coming out with new products.

I will say that a lot of my success this year as a new young tournament angler comes from having my website and the support of Bass Angler Headquarters. If you are thinking about making a website, I wouldn’t think twice. Its really simple, just fill out the form on this page and BHQ will call you with information about how they can help you take your fishing career to the next level.

I will continue to keep you guys updated as I do new things in the fishing industry. You can stay updated on what I am doing with tournaments and get recent fishing reports on my website!

See ya on the water!
Matt Harvey