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Building a Professional Dynamic Bass Angler Website


In parts 1 and 2 of our angler marketing series we discussed the benefits and importance of creating a cover letter and resume.  Now let’s talk about one of the most, if not the most, important piece of marketing a tournament angler should have in order to be successful at securing sponsorships – a angler website.  Having a place where your fans, sponsors and prospective sponsors can get updates, tournament schedules, view videos, and learn more about you as a professional angler is tantamount to your career.  Actually, if you are serious about becoming a professional angler, having a website is considered a requirement to increase and maintain community interest and brand awareness.

You may ask “Why have and maintain a website at all? Why not just use Facebook, Twitter and/or other social networks that are free?”  A social networking page should complement an angler’s brand and website, but not replace it.  Social networks are entities in which you have limited control and don’t own the content.  In contrast, you have absolute control of the content on your website which should be the hub of your brand and marketing.  HubSpot, the creators of all-in-one marketing software, advises “Don’t build your empire on property you don’t own.”  Social Networking should still be a major part of an angler’s marketing strategy and we will discuss that subject in a future article in this series.

You could build a website yourself using a myriad of on-line services and programs.  But, there is no substitute for a professionally built website from Bass Angler Headquarters.  You want people to view your website and not only be impressed by the layout but also how it exudes your brand and professionalism.   You want your website to have relevant and fresh content that brings continual traffic equaling exposure for you and your sponsors.

Why is website traffic so important?   Because current sponsors and potential sponsors want to know how many people (new and returning users) are visiting your website.  They want to know how many potential customers will see their brand on a daily or monthly basis.  These views can come through a variety of uses of company logos such as on your jersey in photos and videos, on the side bar, or even used in feature articles and product videos.  This visibility generates what is known in the marketing world as ‘impressions’.

Brick Marketing states “Impressions, sometimes called a view or an ad view, is a term that refers to the point in which an ad is viewed once by a visitor, or displayed once on a web page.  An impression is an estimate of the number of people a particular advertisement is reaching, and may be counted in different ways depending upon the way the ad is situated on the page, as well as the number of times the web page where the ad appears is shown.”  Why are impressions important to you the professional angler?  Because the more impressions you generate and can track as traffic on your website, the more negotiating power you have when it comes time to sign a contract.

Visitors will not be attracted to a poorly designed website that is difficult to navigate.  You want to ensure your website has a dynamic and fresh visual appeal, is easy for visitors to click-through, and oozes professionalism. Keeping the content new and exciting will keep visitors coming back.  This is where BHQ can help. We specialize in the design of websites for bass fishing professionals, co-anglers, as well as amateur anglers.  Our websites will highlight you the angler, the content you provide for inclusion on your site, and will provide your sponsors with additional exposure and potential sales opportunities.

So join the Bass Angler Nation™ here at BHQ and let’s get your bass fishing career going in the right direction.

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