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Facebook and The Professional Bass Angler



Angler marketing and self-promoting are very important pieces of the puzzle when it comes to being a professional Bass angler.   If people don’t know who you are or you are not able to generate marketing impressions, sponsors will not take an interest in you.  This is especially true if you are just starting out in the professional Bass fishing industry and don’t have a long list of top finishes on your resume.  So unless you are independently wealthy, in order to continue to fish at the professional level, you will need help from sponsors-whether it’s in the form of buy deals, product deals or cash.  To date, our angler marketing series has covered resumes, cover letters and building a professional Bass angler website.  In part four, BHQ will discuss the importance of social media-specifically Facebook.

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past nine years you have heard of Facebook and know that the social media website has become a household name.   As of Jan. 2013, Facebook monthly active users reached over 1 billion along with 604 million mobile users.   You can access the social media website via any electronic device that has internet capabilities including a computer, iPad, tablet, mobile phone and even your television.  You will also notice that just about every company has a Facebook page in which you can visit, like and make comments on.  Once you have liked the page, you will begin to receive any updates/posts regarding that company on your personal news feed.   What you may not know is the importance of Facebook as a marketing tool for anglers.

First and foremost, Facebook is free!  All you need is a computer and some free time to set up your account and fan page.  Once set up, you can begin promoting the page to your friends and fans and if used properly, can be a valuable tool in furthering your fishing career.  You can use your fan page to provide updates regarding upcoming tournaments, tournament finishes, promote your sponsors products and/or services, provide Bass fishing reports, and everything and anything fishing related.  You can drive traffic from your Facebook page to your website which again helps build your brand, put more eyes on you and create more impressions for your sponsors.  Facebook also provides great analytical traffic and activity reporting information called Insights.

One thing you need to be aware of is that your fan page does not and should not take the place of a web site.  You do not own the content on Facebook and they can change anything and everything on the site without your consent.  Conversely, you have complete control of your web site, what content to display, how it is displayed and own the rights to all the content.  Your web site is your marketing hub while your fan page is just one spoke on that hub.

In part two we will discuss a couple of ways in which you can build your fan page.  So until next time, stay focused, fish hard and I’ll see you on the water

Here at BHQ we provide Bass anglers with the correct tools to get the attention of potential sponsors and make you stand out from the crowd.  Helping anglers brand themselves and take their fishing career to the next level is our specialty.

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