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Matt Harvey – 19 year old taking it to the next level


Hello my name is Matt Harvey and I’m 19years old and love fishing for Bass!

This year I decided I wanted to get into fishing Bass tournaments here on my home water, the California Delta.

I see so many Tournament bass anglers with jerseys, wrapped boats, sponsors, etc. Since I’m just starting out, I didn’t think I’d have much luck getting any sponsors but thought I should start doing my research now.

One day when searching the web about how to get sponsors I ran upon an article on the BassAnglerHQ.com (BHQ) about angler websites, sponsors and promoting yourself as a bass angler.

At the end of the article I thought it wouldn’t hurt to give BHQ a call and see what they could do. I talked to Steve Adams who told me all about the websites they build, the services they provide and some of the top touring Pros that use BHQ for there website needs.

After some consideration, I decided to give the green light on the website and begin my official tournament career. It’s easy, just go here and fill out the form.

A couple of weeks after making the call to BHQ and getting signed up I was browsing the BHQ website looking for new articles to read,.. I found an article on Denali rods looking to fill some open pro staff positions. I then went to the Denalirods.com website and filled out the pro staff application. I mentioned in the application that I have a website in production through Bass Angler Headquarters.

About a week later I got an email from Denali saying I got accepted into the pro staff team. I’ve also been able to get a pro staff position with Columbia Sportswear, Stucan Soft Plastics, Hammerdown Bait Company, Oconee Custom Lures, and Wedowee Bait and Tackle.

I just want to thank BHQ for opening a lot of doors in the past month. I can’t imagine how much more I will accomplish towards my goal in the next year and beyond. Thanks BHQ!

Matt Harvey

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