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All Wrapped Up – Bass Boat Wraps


Wrapped Bass Boats & Tow Vehicles

When you look around at nearly every bass tournament venue or event, you’ll soon understand how big of a roll advertising and marketing play in this sport. With all of the signs, banners, ads and jerseys donned by the pros and co-anglers alike, the most advanced type of outdoor marketing is now the vinyl graphic wrap. Because of their flashy, eye-catching designs, it’s hard to deny the ever-increasing trend in wrapping vehicles and boats in the tournament-angling scene. Along with the wrap comes they hype, both negative and positive, regarding your stature in the industry. But let’s look deeper into the wrap and what it really means.

Tournament bass fishing has grown to momentous proportions within the last ten years and so has the marketing available to these anglers. Whether they be a Professional on the Elite Tour, a regional professional or even a club level angler, vehicle wraps are popping up everywhere. So with all the hype about whose wrapping their boats and why, let’s ask this question; what does it really mean in this sport?

It is a proven fact that the best way to represent your sponsors is by having their graphics and information seen everywhere you go, on and off the water. The more their brand is seen, the more exposure they receive, as do you. It’s a win-win! A vehicle wrap, when driven daily, can reach in the neighborhood of 20,000-30,000 views per day. In 2014 The Federal Highway Administration study forecasts a sharp increase in the amount of time spent in personal vehicles and the number of trips per household. Those are huge numbers for any angler, whether they’re fishing regionally or nationally. When you couple that with the fact the average American has traveled over 300 miles In the last 7 days, more in highly populated areas, wraps are getting seen everywhere you go. A vehicle and boat wrap is essentially a working advertisement 24/7, unlike TV, radio or publications.

What about the cost? When you consider the fact that studies show mobile wraps generate 15% more recognition than static billboards, it’s already worth the investment. Most vehicle wraps run between $200-$300 per foot (of your vehicle) with design, material and installation costs. With bass fishing being the most popular form of sport fishing and the fishing industry itself being a multimillion dollar industry, these numbers don’t seem as large as they once did. This is also why we’re seeing more and more wraps advertising both endemic and non-endemic sponsors in the sport. If you want to be out there and get yourself and your sponsors noticed, its time to get all wrapped up! If you can increase sales for your sponsors you become more valuable and can therefore further develop your relationship with those companies.

The owner of A&M Graphics in Mesa, Arizona, Andrew Napoleon says, “Because of the numbers of people who see your wrap daily and weekly, Vehicle wraps have the LOWEST cost-per-impression as compared to all other forms of media.” A&M Graphics has been a leader in the wrap industry for several years now. Their top-tier placement in the industry has been well deserved for several reasons. They have worked hard to acquire almost all boat manufactures’ templates in order to bring the most exact, best quality to their finish product. A&M also uses the best vinyl material for each project, whether it is a passenger vehicle, fleet vehicle, boat or RV. Finally, and the most amazing fact that sets A&M apart from the rest in the wrap industry, is their ability to wrap a vehicle anywhere in the contiguous United States.

Lets face it, advertising and sponsors go hand-in-hand. Much like the sun and rain, you can’t have one with out the other. Wrapping your vehicle in your brand and/or your sponsor’s logos is the most valuable form of advertising one can purchase in this sport. Hopefully if you’ve worked hard and you have sponsors who also see the value in your wrap exposure, they will assist with the financial end of the wrap. When you decide its time to make your mark on the industry and step up the next level on the marketing platform, a vehicle wrap is your best bet! As far as acquiring sponsors, look into our archives at BHQ and you’ll find a ton of useful information on the subject by pro angler Aaron LeSieur.

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