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Bass are Chompin and the Surf’s Up

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What! Surf Expo Product Reviews:

Had the pleasure of working the Surf Expo for one of my friends Kent Hickman and Lori Gosewisch of Gillz Performance Apparel recently. What could an event like this have to do with fishing? Well as I found out a lot more than you think. Here’s a list of companies that I visited in my spare time; Gillz of course, SoftScience inc shoes, Peppers Eye Wear, Freestyle watches, Sombra tents, Glacier Gloves, Go Puck to name a few.

Most of you know that I love Gillz outwear and believe they are in fact one of the coolest shirts on the planet, they’re expanding the line to include shorts and soon a line of shades be sure to check out their FaceBook page.

Here’s a Bio on them:
After spending too much time battling the brutal sun, stinging rain and biting bugs’ avid tournament angler and outdoor enthusiast Kent Hickman created Breathe like a Fish Gillz, LLC in February 2009. The company changed its name to Gillz in October 2015 to match its brand name. The rebranding eliminated any confusion between its corporate and brand identities.

Every Gillz shirt and mask is 100% polyester, machine washable and quick drying. GillzTech™ resists stains, odors, and snags. Blood and oil rinse out of our high-performance antimicrobial fabric the fights odor-causing bacteria. The fishing apparel’s microfiber provides the highest UPF50+ sun protection, blocking 98% of the UVA and UVB harmful rays. And the material’s tightly woven weave means the UPF50+ protection will NEVER wash out.

Sounds great, huh? Our fishing apparel’s trademark designs get even better!

Our Tournament Shirts have built-in Cross-Breeze Ventilation™. These mesh side vents run on the inside of the sleeves and down the side of the shirt, keeping you dry and cool – even on the hottest days.

Our GillzMask™ features GillzVentsTM on the sides, channeling air to your neck and down your shirt, to keep you cool and protected from sun and insects while reducing sunglass fog.

Finally, our Pro Striker Shirt gives you the both of best worlds by attaching our GillzMask™ to our long sleeve shirts. Our fishing apparel truly is the Coolest Gear on the Planet.

Directly across from the Gillz, both was the Softscience Inc booth who make an awesome outdoor waterproof shoe line. Super light weight, comfortable and stylish all in one. I found a couple other features that fit my needs as well, being a diabetic I need to be very careful with my feet and also found that after long days of standing up fishing my back actually felt better as well. Check em out on FB and see what you think,. BTW the price point is very affordable. Here’s a Bio on them as well:

The science behind SoftScience™ supreme comfort footwear is a combination of our materials package and design platform.

At the heart of all SoftScience footwear is a proprietary material named Trileon™. Trileon is a lightweight yet dense closed cell copolymer that is highly resilient, supportive and odor resistant. All of our outsoles and footbeds are made from 100% Trileon.

Our fit and supreme comfort is a function of our Levelast™ Universal Comfort Platform or UCP. The SoftScience UCP is based on a few simple principles of biomechanics to provide the wearer with all day comfort.

  1. SoftScience footwear puts the foot in a level position with zero heel rise or drop. Supporting the foot in a level and neutral position allows the body to align properly.
  2. Our footwear has a generous toe box and fit that allow the foot and toes to spread out and relax as nature intended.
  3. The contoured footbed is designed to evenly distribute the body’s weight to reduce pressure points.

The combination of these aspects of the UCP provides a cushioned yet supportive design that reduces foot, ankle, knee, hip and back fatigue. Further, these features result in a collection of footwear that is:

  • Supremely comfortable
  • Incredibly lightweight
  • Stable and supportive
  • Appropriately cushioned
  • Non-slip and non-marking
  • Durable & tear resistant
  • Odor resist

My friends at Peppers eyewear make a floating pair of shades for fishermen and other water enthusiasts at a price point that won’t break the bank and a massive stylist line for all your Polarized needs….they also make a really cool line of Ski goggles that sub for them long cool runs down the lake. Check em out on FB. Bio: Pepper’s Sunglasses.

In the early 1990s, Peppers Sunglasses was launched with the emphasis on creating top manufactured polarized shades at affordable price points. Seem impossible? Not at all with Peppers! The brand features a massive selection of lens types and frame designs as well!

Next is Freestyle watches; Got to love a watch that can give you the tides where you’re at the exact moment. Check out their facebook page and the website as well,. Be sure you check out the New Shark Tide 250: The mothership has landed. Our most popular style, The Shark Classic, is now available with Tide Data and sunrise/sunset times for 250 beaches worldwide. The Shark Classic Tide also features a durable and fade resistant silicone band which also offers increased flexibility for an improved fit. Like all Shark Watches, the Shark Classic Tide is water resistant to 100 meters and backed by our limited lifetime warranty.

SomBra Shade:

Here’s one that caught my eye and left me wondering of the possibilities,.. During the long summer months, it can get really hot on the water and all you can think about is finding some shade. In comes the Sombra which is originally designed for the beach or other outdoor adventures in the sun. I didn’t take me long to figure out that this would be great on the boat with no hardware,.. check out the pictures of it attached to my boat. I also found another great application while watching a Ladies College Softball series and was able to set it up in the stands giving the whole row a reprieve from the sun. Check out the FB page.

Glacier Gloves is up next,

The Bass fishing guys have finally caught on to protecting your hands from the sun and the added bonus of taking care of your hands when handling then releasing your fish. Always a pleasure to meet up with my friends from GG. Be sure to check out the new Sand Harbor hat for sun protection and cooling features. Check out the GG FB page and the Glacier Gloves website for all your hunting and fishing gloves they have it all!!

Finally, we have Go Puck when you need portable and wearable backup juice for all your electronics, IE: cell phones, IPads, Go Pro’s, cameras you name it! If it has a USB port you can stay charged up and ready for your next adventure. Here’s a little product info about the Go Pucks: It’s equipped with Qualcomm® Quick Charge™ 3.0 technology, any compliant device benefits from the 6XR’s 5v to 12v output, equating to about four times faster charging than standard power banks. And with a capacity of 9,000 mAh, the GO PUCK 6XR rapid charges any USB-powered device, multiple times (e.g. an iPhone 6S about five times or a GoPro® HERO4 around seven times). From competition and professional use to recreational and family use, enjoy spending less time charging and more time doing. Includes Active Mount and Micro-USB Cable

My favorite saying which I coined is; Go Puck or Go Home! Check their FB Page.

There you have it when the Surf’s Up a Bass Fisherman will always find products that relate to his Addiction. Chomp On my friends!! Check out all these fine products!

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