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How tough is a GoPro Camera

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How about 70′ for 8 months at Lake Oroville starting in January 2013!

The in’s and out’s of the world of tournament bass fishing are often misunderstood by those who don’t live with-in its borders. It is commonly thought to be a boring, slow-paced sport, only to be surpassed by golf. Or a ‘sport’ where an angler may sit in a boat, float around aimlessly and wait for a fish to bite. I assure you it is nothing of the sort. We race at 65-75mph through sometimes icy waters filled with debris, submerged islands and unknown hazards. When we finally make to our first fishing location of the day, we make as many casts as possible in order to catch as many bass as possible only weighing in the heaviest 5 at the end of an eight-hour day. In order to make it into the upper echelon of the sport we take every opportunity to use and be involved in new products like fishing gear and promotional material. With all of the recent advances in the industry, possibly none have had more of an impact than GoPro’s HD video cameras! Because I am a professional bass angler, guide and contributing writer to and, I knew this was an investment I had to make. So by the summer of 2012, I dove in head first and bought the GoPro Hero2 with all the accessories. It wasn’t until January of 2013 that I would unknowingly put the durability of the GoPro Hero2 to the test.


It was a bone chilling 28 degrees on Lake Oroville in January 2013 when 46 Professional Bass Anglers launched their bass boats over an icy ramp into frigid waters. Once I was launched in the water, I eagerly mounted my GoPro on the console of my Ranger Z20 bass boat via the GoPro suction cup mount. With my adrenaline keeping me warm and driving my anticipation through the roof, I mistakenly mounted the suction cup on a slightly curved surface on the console. After picking up my Co-Angler partner for the day, Marty, we idled to the starting zone of the tournament. Moments before blast-off, while I was turned and talking to Marty, we heard a loud “Thud.. splash”! I turned to see my GoPro missing from the console and immediately reached to grab it! Even though I knew it had gone beyond reachable distance, I was elbow-deep under the lake’s surface in attempt to grab it. After a failed effort I quickly glanced at my depth finder unit and saw we were in 70 feet of water! Even with the sealed, waterproof GoPro housing, I knew that camera was gone forever! Or so I thought!


Fast forward to August 2013,.. I had replaced my lost GoPro Hero2 with a Hero Silver edition and was back to recording bass-catching footage. After 8 months at the bottom of Lake Oroville I had forgotten all about my lost camera so you could imagine my surprise when I received an email from a good samaritan who said he had managed to snag my GoPro and pull it the surface!  I had written my name and guide service information in permanent marker on the back of the housing, in the event it was ever lost or misplaced. A great idea! He sent the camera to me this week and to my surprise the camera housing was undisturbed! The camera, after charging, worked perfectly and had ZERO damage! The only thing that had broken at some point during its journey was one of the prongs on the housing and I suspect that the cold water and fall from the boat had a hand in that.


I couldn’t be happier with my GoPro Hero camera and the durability of its housing! I hope that you consider this article when thinking of your next sports HD camera purchase and that you choose GoPro! I send a big “thank you” to the good samaritan and a huge “thank you” to GoPro for producing such an amazing product!! GoPro!!

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