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Staying Informed While on the Water Bass Fishing

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No angler leaves the boat ramp without their cell phone, as it serves as our camera and link to land should there be a mechanical issue or emergency on the water. So it is no shock that we have apps on our phones that benefit anglers; one example of such an app is the ScoutLook Fishing app. I rely on this free app while I’m on the water to get pinpoint weather forecasts, which is important when rigging your tackle for the next day or hour on the water. Why you may ask, well as I’m selecting a tungsten weight for my Texas, Carolina or Drop Shot rig, I want to use the smallest size weight as possible that will allow me to maintain contact with the bottom, this dictated many times by how strong the wind is.

Speaking of wind, many times the side of the lake that has the wind blowing into it is a great place to begin your search for bass. As in the spring and fall, this is commonly where the warmer water is. And then any time of the year the wind will be pushing warmer water into the shallows, thus attracting bass. By keeping a keen eye on the wind speed and direction with the ScoutLook Fishing app, I’m able to stay on top of this and follow the wind as it changes.

If you are an angler that fishes with multiple people, or maybe you rent a boat, you can take those fishing hotspots with you, as you can save your fishing locations right to your phone and return anytime you want. Also with this app, it has the ScoutLook FishLog, which you can record information about your catch. By tracking my catches I can make notes about what I caught the fish on and what the weather conditions were. This way I can see what patterns exist on a certain body of water or even a certain section of the lake.

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