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The Fish are Behind You,. Andy “Cooch” Cuccia

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The Fish are Behind You,

Those words by Cooch still ring in my ears from my days in Sacramento decades ago, with his sudden passing in Oct 2017 I have some thoughts and words from his own mouth to share, which was what he was all about, sharing,. I belonged to a fishing club back then and one its purposes were to unlock the mysteries of catching Trophy Bass and sharing information,.

The NorCal Trophy Hunters Bass Club was the brainchild of Todd “Toad” Crockett and noted author Dean Sault who enlisted some of the top bass fishermen in the state to come and share their knowledge of catching Trophy Bass. Cooch was only one of the many guest speakers who included: Senior California Biologist Dennis Lee, noted trophy bass fisherman Paul Duclos, Bill Simental, Inside Line Pro-Staffers Andy “Cooch” Cuccia, Gary Dobyns, trophy bass guide Larry Hemphill, Steve Sapp, Kent Brown, and many others.

It was during one of our meetings that I had the occasion to personally meet Cooch and hear him talk about the big bass on the California Delta; we formed a lifelong friendship through the years even after I retired to Florida.

My friend Daren Pappas and tournament team partner filmed a lot of the club meetings when we had a guest speaker coming so what you’ll see only a handful of people have ever viewed.

On a side note Daren and I were preparing for a tournament that weekend on the Delta so having Cooch speak was a bonus,. We won the event weighing in over 23 lb’s for the win!

Chomp on my friend, the fish were indeed behind us,. Peace Cooch. ~ Danny Barker

Heres a link to Cooch’s website that has TONS of great information.

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