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Top water Insights from Mikeybalzzfishing

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Top water Bass Fishing by Mikeybalzzfishing
The pre-summer to summer-peak is a period that sees a fish migration from bank cover to more offshore haunts.  The transition can be a bit tricky however as fish tend to focus both on bream as well as forming schools of shad.  Fishing Top water for Bass covering water and splashing on the top is a fun and viable way to track these fish down.  Tossing anything from spooks to poppers and even blade/prop baits syncs up with the high activity level of these fish as well as the dual forage focus.  It’s so important however to be able to swap out actions and colors during these periods as one day fish may be keying on shad and the next it’s all about bream.  Also key to success is getting a fish in efficiently to enable a quick follow-up cast.  A big portion of larger bass this time of year will be in wolf packs or beginning to pod up in pursuit of shad – thus getting in and back out to a group can be the difference between catching one nice sized fish or a set of five!

Our buddy Mikey (Mikeybalzzfishing) from Florida produced this short video for us discussing his preference on set ups for Top water Baits. In this video he’s fishing Lake Okeechobee but the set ups he discusses will work on just about any body of water.