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A Co’s Secret to Success – Anthony Goggins

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The Secret… There are other articles, videos, and books about this subject, but it’s something I came to realize fishing after I won my first BFL in 2007 as a co.

Staying Positive-it’s how I have been so successful as a co for the last 7 years. Like many, I have a skill when it comes to putting quality fish in the boat, but it’s from having faith in God and staying positive throughout every cast. You are never going to draw the perfect co angler situation, but you can always have a positive outlook on your day and set a realistic goal for the day to reach. If the goal is not met, you are not out of the event, and you probably learned from that day’s experience.

I can recall two events that made me a believer in The Secret and God’s power on the water.

In 2009, I won an Everstart Series Event on Guntersville Lake. Day one, I drew a local stick and had 16lbs. Day 2, I only came in with 4lbs and lost a nice fish. What makes this story great is that I threw back a 3lbr in the weigh in line because it was touching the line and I felt like I only needed 20lbs to make top 10. I knew with a penalty there was no chance. After two days of fishing, I was 9lbs out of 1st. I drew another local stick day 3 starting out in 10th. I came in with the biggest bag of the event and won-going from 10th to 1st.

In 2007, I won a Chevy BFL wild card on Wheeler. I came from 59th to 1st and won that event.

The moral of the story is anything can happen in fishing, especially as a co. You just have to stay positive, love God, and know in the end that it was either your time or not.

My positive attitude is aided by having lots of confidence in my decision making “off” the water. Thats right, “off ” the water, Rick Clunn said it best once, “The guy that wins each tournament has it won before he leaves the house.” I’m also a true believer in this concept. I start building my confidence up before I ever see the water.

I am known for not wanting to bring more than 3 rods and a paper bag of baits. I like keeping it simple, I put all my confidence and positive thinking into one bait and one rod and reel for most of my events. I probably do not make more than a dozen casts with other baits aside from the one I choose for that lake months in advance. Its a confidence thing, I don’t feel like I can win on the others.

My go to bait is… Confidence and staying positive.

Obviously, I am not suggesting that you do things exactly like me. I am simply suggesting to prepare and fish tournaments the way that will put your confidence at its peak. Good luck out there and tight lines!


Circuits fished: FLW Tour, Everstart Series, and Bass Fishing League

Years co: 10

Favorite technique: Swimbaits

Hobbies aside from fishing: Deer hunting and work

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