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Setzer Wins Pickwick Tour Event

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The FLW Tour made its fifth stop of the year at Pickwick Lake, AL from June 5th-8th. Braxton Setzer of Auburn, Alabama, bested the Co-Angler field with a three day total of 51 lbs 7 oz. We interviewed him to find out more about his victory, and here is what he had to say…

FTB: Tell us a little bit about the weather conditions throughout the tournament.

BS: We had some rough conditions throughout this event. Every day of the tournament, the storms rolled in in the afternoon. The water temperatures were around 80 degrees until the last day when they dropped to about 76. I don’t think the water temperature made much of a difference, as the fish were holding on deeper structure.

FTB: Did you prefish for this tournament?

BS: Yeah, I prefished with my travel partner, Clent Davis. We spent the majority of the official practice looking for schools of fish on his graphs. The time we did fish, the bass seemed hard to catch. I expected weights to be low throughout the tournament.

FTB: Tell us a little about your day one.

BS: On day 1, I drew Robbie Dodson as my pro. We were fishing deep ledges, and I was throwing a G Money Football Jig and a 1/2 oz shaky head with a Zoom Magnum Trick Worm. I had a rough morning, losing probably a limit and a half of fish before finally catching my limit at noon. I ended the day with 12-11, and felt pretty good going into day 2.

Setzer shown here catching one of his fish (photo courtesy: FLW)
Setzer shown here catching one of his fish (photo courtesy: FLW)

FTB: And days two and three?

BS: On day 2, I decided to finesse them a bit more by throwing a little lighter shaky head and downsizing my plastic to a regular Zoom Trick Worm. I also threw a drop shot a bit. It paid off and I upgraded my weight to 17-07.

On day 3, I continued to finesse them with my shaky head. I caught all of my fish on this bait that day, and brought in my best bag of the tournament, 21-05.

FTB: What kind of equipment did you throw your shaky head on?

BS: I was using a Phenix Rods 7’4 medium action spinning rod with 10# braid and a 8# fluorocarbon leader. The longer rod really helped because of the deeper fish we were targeting.

FTB: So after this tournament win, what advice would you have for other co anglers coming to ledge lakes such as Pickwick?

BS: Ledge fishing is a different game; it really opens things up for us co anglers and schools can be huge. It can give us more of an opportunity to catch them. As far as advice, I would say don’t be afraid to pick up your spinning rod and throw finesse on the ledges. The majority of these fish see typical ledge baits-football jigs, big worms, big crankbaits, etc. Throwing a smaller bait can sometimes be the ticket!

FTB: What else did you learn from this event?

BS: Being out on the ledges, a lot of Pros shared water. I learned about how courtesy can play a role in having a good tournament when you fish around other anglers. For example, on day 1, Robbie was around other pros, but they were all treating each other with respect, and all catching fish. It was really nice to see.


Circuits fished: FLW Tour, Local tournaments

Years co: 2 on the FLW Tour, 1 with the FLW BFL, and 1 FLW Rayovac

Favorite technique: Fishing deep or flipping/punching grass

Hobbies aside from fishing: Hunting

Sponsors:, Phenix Rods

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