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Bryan Jones takes Toho

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bryan-jones-co-1st-4M2Z6857Co angler Bryan Jones of Saint Petersburg, FL recently won the B.A.S.S. Open on Lake Tohopekaliga. We called him up and found out how he caught them. See what he said below!

FTB: Bryan, what were your expectations for this tournament, and did you prefish?

BJ: I didn’t get the opportunity to prefish, but I know the lake pretty well so I pretty much knew what I would be doing. My goal going in was to make sure I got a limit. That was my main focus.

FTB: What were the weather conditions like throughout the tournament?

BJ: Days one and two were both cold, but the sun came out on day three and it was warm. The fishing was better on days one and two, and the water temperature held in the 50’s.

FTB: So with these conditions, how did you catch your fish?

BJ: The main baits that produced for me were a 10 inch worm, a rattle trap, and flipping baits in the matted vegetation. The key to catching fish was to really slow down. That seemed to make the difference for me.

FTB: What did you do differently than your pros?

BJ: When you fish lakes with a lot of vegetation, it is important to watch where your pro is throwing, and try to hit new spots that he missed. That is what I did to maximize my chances at quality bites.

FTB: What could be learned from this tournament?

BJ: When you are not catching fish and your pro is, watch him and see what adjustments might be necessary to get more bites.

FTB: Any other tips for co anglers?

BJ: Ya, something I like to do is throw a lot of different baits until I figure out what the bass want best.

FTB: Thanks for your time Bryan, and good luck this year!


Circuits fished: B.A.S.S. Opens, Florida Bass Federation, Lakeland Bassmasters

Years co: 6

Favorite technique: Flippin

Hobbies aside from fishing: Hanging out with friends, bowling

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