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Bryan New: Lake Eufaula Co Angler Champion

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bryan new

Bryan New recently won the FLW Tour event on Lake Eufaula as a co angler. We called him up to get the inside scoop on how he did it. Here is what he had to say…

FTB: Tell us a little about the weather and conditions of the tournament.

BN: During practice and throughout the first two days of the tournament, the weather was stable with bright, sunny conditions. On the third day, it cooled down and stormed, making the bite tough. The water temperatures were in the 68-70 degree range.

FTB: How did you catch your winning bags, and with what lures?

BN: On the first day, I threw a Charlie’s Worms Finesse Worm in a black color, rigged up on an 1/8th oz. Lake Norman Bait and Tackle shaky head. This is what caught me a five pounder the first day. I also caught a keeper on a Brian’s Bees Bee 12 Crankbait. The second day, the water cleared up a bit, and I threw a light carolina rigged Charlie’s Worms Salt Bang-O in a green pumpkin color. With the stormy conditions on day three, I had to up the size of the carolina rig weight and put on the black finesse worm again.

The scent on the Charlie’s Worms is unique, and I think that made the difference.

FTB: What did you do different from your pros?

BN: I tried to stick to finesse fishing. When my pros started to move a little faster and power fish, I would power-finesse (throwing small finesse baits with heavier weights in order to move faster).

FTB: What did you learn from this event?

BN: It is normally hard for me to finesse fish, but I forced myself to do it this weekend. I gained confidence in the shaky head after a few fish, and that allowed me to fish it all day. Finesse fishing is huge as a co, and everyone should become familiar with it.

FTB: Do you have any tips aside from this tournament for fellow co anglers?

BN: Always be respectful to your pros. They pay a lot more, and have a lot more on the line in these tournaments. Treat them right, and it will pay off.

FTB: Thanks for your time Bryan! Good luck at the Grand Lake FLW event!


Circuits Fished: FLW Tour, FLW Bass Fishing League, B.A.S.S. Weekend Series, FLW Everstart Series

Years Co: 2 on FLW Tour, 7 total

Favorite Technique: Power fishing shallow, dirty water from the front of the boat. If fishing as a co, offshore schooling fish.

Sponsors: Lake Norman Bait and Tackle, Charlie’s Worms, Brian’s Bees, The Rod Glove, McCorkle Concrete

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