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Bryan New on a Hot Streak

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Bryan New, an FLW Tour co angler, has started off his 2014 season strong. He already has two top 3 finishes in major events, and is looking to keep it going! We caught up with him about his recent tournaments, and found out how he’s been doing it. Great job Bryan!

FTB: Bryan, you recently took 3rd in two major events as a co, tell us a little bit about how you are preparing yourself for these tournaments?

BN: Two of the biggest thing in having a good tournament is to 1, have a clear mind and 2, be comfortable so you’re are always 100% focused and by that I mean not getting cold or wet. Having the best foul weather gear is a must! I use Stormr gear, and in my mind, it is this best on the market by far. I never get cold or wet and it is the most comfortable gear on the market.

FTB: So you just took 3rd at the Hartwell FLW Tour event as well as the Rayovac event at Santee Cooper not too long ago, tell us a little about these tournaments and what you did to catch your fish.

BN: I always try to go into every tournament with a clear mind and not get too zoned into one thing, I learned a few things in practice that gave me an idea of how the fish were setting up and what they had on there mind at Hartwell and also Santee. At Hartwell, I never caught a fish doing what I did in practice but I knew how the fish were setting up and used a Charlie’s Worms shakey head and finesse worm to catch most of my fish. At Santee, I caught some on a Shane’s Baits mini blades of Glory rig in practice just throwing out into open water where the fish were roaming around before they moved up to stage to go on the bed.

Bryan New’s choices at Hartwell
The rig he used at Santee Cooper

FTB: Right after you came off your 3rd at Hartwell, you had to go straight to Santee Cooper. What did you do to make sure you were ready with so little time to prepare both physically and mentally?

BN: Staying organized is a big key in saving time no matter if it is on the water or in your truck. My girlfriend Sarah came down to watch me weigh in everyday so I sent stuff home with her that I knew I wouldn’t need at Santee. I try to get as much rest as I can which isn’t much but I take melatonin that is an all-natural sleep aid that helps you get better rest. Sometimes I only get 2 or 3hrs of sleep a night during practice and tournaments but with the melatonin I am a lot more rested than you would think.

FTB: What is your next tournament, and how are you feeling going in?

BN: My next tournament is the FLW Tour at Sam Rayburn. My travel/practice partner Bryan Thrift and I are leaving this Friday morning, I have never been there but I am always excited to go to new lakes, and from what I have heard and learned from my online research, I am really excited to get there and try to put something together.

FTB: Great job so far, hope to see your hot streak continue all season!

BN: I sure hope I can keep this hot streak going! I set 3 goals for myself this year-to win the COY, win another Tour level event and to qualify for the 2015 Cup through the Rayovac Series.


Circuits Fished: FLW Tour, FLW Bass Fishing League, B.A.S.S. Weekend Series, FLW Everstart Series

Years Co: 2 on FLW Tour, 7 total

Favorite Technique: Power fishing shallow, dirty water from the front of the boat. If fishing as a co, offshore schooling fish.

Sponsors: Lake Norman Bait and TackleCharlie’s WormsBrian’s BeesThe Rod GloveMcCorkle ConcreteShane’s Baits, Stormr

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