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Bryan New’s Start to 2015

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Bryan New, of Belmont, North Carolina, has had an incredible amount of success fishing as a Co-Angler on the FLW Tour, Rayovac, and Bass Fishing League series. He is off to another great start this year. We caught up to him to see just how he is doing it and what his expectations are for the remainder of the season. See his FLW Angler Profile here.

FTB: Bryan, you are off to another good start to the 2015 season. What has been your main focus this year?

BN: Same as always, I am just trying to do the best that I possibly can. I had a mediocre start at the first couple events, but it is starting to pick up and I am very excited to keep fishing. I had a broken collar bone earlier this year, which hurt me at Lewis Smith Lake, but I know I can bounce back from that.

FTB: So you just recently got 6th at the Beaver Lake Tour event. Can you tell us how you caught these fish?

New's new worm- the Finesse Master
New’s new worm- the Finesse Master

BN: Just like last year, I fished finesse with a shaky head and a wacky rig. This year, I was using my new Charlie’s Worms Finesse Master in green pumpkin/blue and watermelon candy colors. This is the worm that I designed and it flat out catches them!

FTB: Tell us more about this new worm.

BN: This finesse worm is different than others on the market for a few reasons. First off, it floats which gives it a nice action under water. It is also thinner, giving it a smaller profile. Lastly, this 6″ worm also features a flat spade tail that really puts off a lot of action. I couldn’t be happier with the way this bait came out, and I am confident that it will play a huge role in my season.

FTB: Which of this year’s tournaments are you most excited for and why?

BN: Honestly, I am excited for all of the events, but I guess my top 3 would be Eufaula because I won the Tour event here last time (see details about this tournament here), the Rayovac at Champlain, and obviously the Forrest Wood Cup!

FTB: Eufaula is next on the FLW Tour. What do you expect from this event? How are you preparing?

BN: This time around, it should be a lot different than it was in 2013 when I won. I expect the fish to be deeper and related more to offshore structure. That being said, it is hard to say because the water is high right now. The one thing I do know is that I will have a few of my Finesse Master worms rigged up for this event. As far as prep goes, I am always organizing and playing with my tackle just the same as any other event.


Circuits Fished: FLW Tour, FLW Bass Fishing League, B.A.S.S. Weekend Series, FLW Everstart Series

Years Co: 2 on FLW Tour, 7 total

Favorite Technique: Power fishing shallow, dirty water from the front of the boat. If fishing as a co, offshore schooling fish.

Sponsors: Charlie’s WormsBrian’s BeesThe Rod GloveMcCorkle ConcreteShane’s BaitsStormr, Fitzgerald Rods, Sunline, Tater Hog Custom Lures

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