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Catching Fish Clean – Patrick Bone

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Patrick Bone Kentucky

A lot of people may wonder how co anglers catch fish behind some of the best pros in the business. I would like to share with you what has worked for me.

The absolute most important thing is to fish your pro clean. Casting to the front or trying to beat the pro to his intended targets or targets is fishing dirty. I will list a few scenarios.

-If your pro is fishing docks, do not cast to a dock that he has not fished yet.

-If your pro is going down the bank in a pocket do not cast across the pocket to the other bank if the pro plans to fish the other side.

You may ask yourself, “How do I catch fish in these positions?” You must stay focused and be patient. If you are fishing docks, remember that the pro cannot hit everything, be patient. If the pro goes down the bank, remember that your cast is coming in at a different angle. Chances of your pro fishing like this all day are slim. If he does, just remember that you are the co angler, not the pro. You can be the pro if you put up more money.

You also need to remember that you are fishing against the other co anglers, not the pros. I always try to catch co angler fish. These are fish that you have to use different baits to catch. I leaned this from watching my co anglers. The ones that catch fish are the ones that fish for co angler fish. The co angler that struggles are the ones that try to fight me for my water or fish against me.

I started out talking about fishing clean and I will end with it. As a co angler, you need your pro to be relaxed so he can run his program. If you start out by trying to fish against him he will be playing defense for the rest of the day. You will have a tough time then.

I have never had a problem with a pro by using these guidelines, and I have been blessed to catch fish behind some of the best pros in the business. Be patient, fish clean and learn from it.


Patrick is fishing his 3rd year as a co angler on the FLW Tour. He has amassed 1 win, 22 top five’s, along with finishing 12th at the 2011 Forest Wood Cup. He has cashed numerous checks on the co angler side. In 2011 he finished 3rd in the angler of the year race.

Patrick has qualified for 2 BFL All American’s on the boater side. He qualified for the 2012 Everstart Championship on the pro side. He is currently fishing the BASS Southern Open’s as a pro.

When not on the road, he enjoys spending time with his wife Heather and Stepson Johnathen doing the family thing.

His sponsers include: TheRockerbox.com, Lews Reels, Dobyns Rods, Seaguar, Mercury, Power Pole, Tiger Tungsten, Trixter Custom Baits and Power Express Batteries.

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