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Don’t Be Afraid – David Garren

Category : BACK DECK

We all have our “go-to” confidence baits that always seem to put fish in the boat. The ones we usually start with or end with while trying to put the best five on the scale.  Well, what do you do when those confidence baits are not working?  This article is to help you “not be afraid” to change it up and tie something on that you usually never would. To think outside the box, even when your mind, your experience, or the conditions are all telling you not to do so.

Sometimes, putting keeper fish in the boat can be a real challenge, especially from the back of the boat. Those times may call for you to tie something new on that you may never think of using during that particular time of day or for the present conditions. This change may be just what is needed to get that all important first bite or to fill your livewell. You may just land that much needed kicker fish which will put you in contention to cash a check.

Every angler has had those days when you’re throwing something that goes against everything you know to be right for the conditions but you still land fish after fish. We all question our thoughts and wonder “what the heck” is making all these fish bite. It is usually the fact that the fish can get conditioned to certain baits and for what most anglers throw for a particular body of water. By changing it up and throwing something unusual for the water or conditions, you may just figure out something that other people don’t know. Their curiosity kicks in and they have to check out what that new thing is in their water.

For example, I was fishing on a highly pressured body of water and the bite was extremely tough to come by for myself and for the angler in the front. We were not having much success at all so I decided to tie on a recently purchased buzzbait just to check out the action of it. I was not expecting success. Everyone knows the most productive times to throw a buzzbait is usually early morning or around dusk. Well, it was around 1pm that day with little to no wind, a bluebird sky and a very steamy 98 degrees. My partner in the front of the boat was shaking his head in disbelief as my first cast landed a healthy 3 pound largemouth. Two casts later, I landed a nice 2 pounder and with just about every other cast I was catching greenbacks ranging from 2 to 4 pounds each. After about 45 minutes, I had caught around 15 bass. On my next cast, I landed the kicker fish for the day: a fat 5lb 15oz bucketmouth! The angler in the front of the boat could not believe what he was witnessing since he had told me not to even bother to tie one on and that I was crazy for even attempting to throw the buzzbait. With each bass I pulled in, I just smiled, culled another fish out and continued what I was doing. Internally, I was laughing at myself and for what was actually making the bass bite, but I will never forget it. I learned a lot that day, a very valuable lesson. “Do not be afraid” to try something very different. This lesson has bailed me out on more than one occasion and has had the angler in the front of the boat scratching his head each time.

Most pros will tell you to always tie on your confidence bait when the bite is tough.  I agree that you should always do just that, but do not be afraid to tie on something very different when your confidence baits are not bringing in what you’re wanting or needing. The pattern that may have been productive earlier can change in an instant. Be prepared to adjust, but also be prepared to go against the grain. Not only may that change in baits change up the presentation, it may just give you the much needed confidence in certain baits that you were lacking before. We all know, a lot of success happens due to confidence, not just luck. Do not be afraid!


Circuits fished: FLW Bass Fishing League, ABA, Club trails

Years co: 2

Favorite technique: Flipping and Pitching

Hobbies aside from fishing: Basketball, music, classic cars

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