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From Co to Pro: Q&A with FLW Tour Pro Casey Martin

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casey martin

We caught up with Casey Martin, FLW Tour Pro, and asked him some questions on what it has been like making the switch from the back deck to the front.

FTB: When did you know it was time to go pro?

Casey: After winning my third FLW Tour event as a co angler on Kentucky Lake June 7th of 2012, and having the financial stability, I knew it was time to give the front deck a shot on the Tour.

FTB: What have been the biggest challenges with making the switch?

Casey: Being on the pro side of tournaments is exponentially more work and pressure. It easily doubles if not triples the work and preparation you have to put into tournaments, both on and off the water. Making sure I have all the tackle and equipment I will need for each event is a lot more work than it sounds like. Sponsorships are far more important as a pro due to the financial commitment. As a co, I didn’t have to worry about making any travel and lodging decisions, but now I have to for every event I fish. All together, it turns into a huge commitment.

FTB: How have you had to change your fishing styles since switching decks?

Casey: I still fish similar to how I fished as a co. My philosophy is that you need to get the five biggest bites you can get throughout the tournament. People remember the winner, so I always fish to win. Power fishing with larger baits is my style, and I fish that way regardless of what deck I am on.

FTB: What tips do you recommend to anglers that are trying to make the switch?

Casey: There are two really important factors. You must have confidence in your skills, as well as enough financial backing to fish as a pro.

FTB: What is one lure you never leave home without, either as a co or a pro?

Casey: I try to bring all my tackle, but I always make sure I have my Swim Jigs and Umbrella Rigs.

FTB: What did you learn as a co that gives you an advantage on the front deck?

Casey: Through fishing as a co and watching very talented anglers in front of me, I realized how important it is to have confidence in yourself and what you are doing. Being able to stick it out through a tough day is key. The knowledge you must have as a pro is huge; you must know where the fish are and how you can get them going in order to have success.

FTB: Any other tips for co anglers?

Casey: When fishing as a co, I like to throw off the back of the boat over the motor, or on the opposite side of where my pro is fishing. It is important not to fish for the same fish the pro is targeting, as you will not have much luck behind him. Looking for differences like weedlines and rockpiles can prove very successful when following up your boater. Also, I try to never do the same thing as the pro. Example, if my boater is throwing a deep diving crankbait, I might throw an umbrella rig. Lastly, never bring lures you don’t have confidence in or have never caught fish on. Stick to your confidence baits and you will be better off.

FTB: Thanks Casey, and good luck this season!


Circuits Fished: Flw Tour, FLW Bass Fishing League, FLW Everstart Series, B.A.S.S. Opens

Years Co: 2 years on the FLW Tour

Favorite Technique: Any form of power fishing

Hobbies away from Fishing: Grilling, Cooking, Watching sports (Hockey and Alabama Football especially)

His sponsors include: Omega Custom Tackle, Rat-l-Trap, Costa Del Mar, Z-Man, Picasso Lures, Boing Lures, Tackle Warehouse, Lock-n-Haul, Power Pole

View his website at

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